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Chiral Chromatography

Product Information & Literature

Product Brochures & Guides Request Pub. ID Size (Kb)
Chiral HPLC Method Development Wallchart request T409107 221
Rapid Chiral HPLC Method Development (Presentation) 1.7 Mb
Astec Cellulose DMP Brochure and Product Overview request T410110 2 Mb
Astec CHIROBIOTIC Brochure and Product Overview request T408131 650
Astec CHIROBIOTIC CSPs for Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) Chromatography T409105 380
Astec CYCLOBOND Brochure and Product Overview request T410091 2.4 Mb
Astec P-CAP & P-CAP-DP Brochure and Product Overview request T410060 564
Chiral GC Columns Brochure request T411101 2 Mb
Astec CLC Product Overview T411062 469
Chiral Cyclodextrin Capillary GC Columns (Bulletin 877) T194877 607
Amino Acid and Peptide Chiral Separations Handbook JCJ 1 Mb
Kromasil CelluCoat and AmyCoat Chiral HPLC Phases T409215 2.6 Mb
Kromasil Chiral DMB & TBB T409225 69
Application Reports Size (Kb)
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Astec CHIROBIOTIC CSPs for Fast Chiral LC-MS Analysis - App Note 186 294
Experimental Protocols for Preparative Purifications Using Astec CHIROBIOTIC Macrocyclic Glycopeptide CSPs 333
LC001 Phosphine Catalyst 147
LC002 Biocatalysis 168
LC003 Hydrophobic Organic Acids 253
LC004 Robustness Testing of CHIROBIOTIC T 1.6 Mb
LC005 LC-MS and Astec Columns 151
LC006 Determination of D-Serine in Plasma 183
LC007 Separation of Methadone from EDDP 167
Care and Use Guides Pub. ID Size (Kb)
Astec CHIROBIOTIC Instructions T706017 88
CHIROBIOTIC Performance Test Procedure   90
Astec CYCLOBOND Instructions T706018 172
Astec Cellulose DMP Care and Use Instructions W710119 56
Astec CHIRALDEX and Supelco DEX Instructions T706029 48
Operating Guidelines for CHIRALPAK® AGP, HSA and CBH HPLC Columns T709074 115
CLC Instructions   34
Silica RP Instructions   24
P-CAP™ and P-CAP-DP Instructions  T711067 100
AZYP FRULIC™ Series HPLC Column Operating Instructions   190
AZYP LARIHC™ Series HPLC Column Operating Instructions   191
Kromasil® Coated Chiral HPLC Columns   165
Kromasil® TBB and DMB Chiral HPLC Columns   91
Technical Articles
Chiral GC Analysis of Carvone Enantiomers in Essential Oils (Reporter US, 32.1)
Chiral LC-MS/MS of D- and L-2-Hydroxyglutaric Acid Biomarkers (Reporter US, 31.3)
Chiral and Achiral LC-MS Analysis of Warfarin™ in Plasma Samples (Reporter US, 31.2)
Chiral LC-MS Analysis of Methamphetamine in Urine on Astec® CHIROBIOTIC® V2 (Reporter US, 31.2)
2007 - 2012
Determination of L- and D-Lactic Acid Enantiomers by Chiral HPLC-MS-MS (Reporter US, 30.1)
Chiral HPLC Analysis of Underivatized Amino Acid Enantiomers (Reporter 29.4)
Accessing the Benefits of Polar Organic Mobile Phases on Cellulose-Based CSPs for Chiral HPLC (Reporter 29.3)
Innovations in Chiral Chromatography: Overview of Modern Chiral Stationary Phases (Reporter 29.2)
HPLC Analysis of Fexofenadine and Related Compound B on CYCLOBOND® I 2000 Phases
Astec CLC-L and CLC-D: Copper Ligand Exchange HPLC Columns for Chiral Separation of Acids and Amines (Reporter US, 28.5, 8)
Broad Range of Selective Cyclodextrin Phases for Chiral GC (Reporter US, 28.4, 7)
Advantages of Reversed-Phase for Preparative Chiral Separations (Reporter US, 27.5)
Supelco Preparative HPLC products for Pharmaceutical Development and Production (Reporter US, 27.5, 15)
Comparing the Enantioselectivity of Cyclodextrin-Based GC Chiral Stationary Phases (Reporter US, 27.4)
Chiral Chromatography Products Update (Reporter US, 27.3, 13)
Astec CYCLOBOND I 2000 HP-RSP – Unique CSP for Chiral HPLC and LC-MS Separations (Reporter US, 27.2, 7)
Fast LC-MS on Astec CHIROBIOTIC CSPs (Reporter US, 27.2)
Class-Selective Enantiomeric Separation of ß-Blockers and ß-Agonists using CHIROBIOTIC T Stationary Phase (Reporter EU, 33)
Class-Selective Enantiomeric Separation of ß-Androgenic Receptors using CHIROBIOTIC T Stationary Phase (Reporter US, 26.3)
Proline Derivatization and Enantioresolution by Chiral GC (Reporter US, 26.3)
Improving the Chiral Separation of Dorzolamide: A Case Study of Chiral Analytical Services (Reporter US, 26.2, 7)
Chiral HPLC for Chemists: Ultimate Solvent Choice with High Capacity Using Astec’s P-CAP™ Series (Reporter EU, 28)
Chiral Method Development Strategies for HPLC (Reporter EU, 24)
Chiral HPLC Separations Using Astec CHIROBIOTIC TAG Stationary Phases (Reporter EU, 30)
Chiral Screening of Pharmaceutical Compounds (Reporter US, 25.4, 10)
Astec CYCLOBOND™ Chiral HPLC Columns Offer Broad-Based Chiral Selection (Reporter US, 25.3, 8)
Astec P-CAP™ and P-CAP-DP™ Chiral HPLC Columns (Reporter US, 25.3, 9)
CHIROBIOTIC HPLC Columns – Bonded Macrocyclic Glycopeptide Phases for Chiral Separations (Reporter US, 25.4, 10)
Enantiomeric Separation & Analysis of Native or Derivatized Amino Acids using Chiral HPLC and Mass Spectrometry (Reporter US, 25.1)