Biopolymer Separations

 HPLC Columns and Chromatographic Media for the Analysis and Purification of Biopolymers

Biopolymers, including peptides, proteins, polynucleotides, and other biodegradable polymers, vary in terms of net ionic charge, hydrophobicity, size, shape and mass. In addition to these structural (and functional) complexities, an individual biopolymer is typically present at low concentration in samples that contain many similar and similarly complex compounds. Thus, peptides, proteins, and polynucleotides are often analyzed, isolated and purified by multiple modes of chromatography, including size-exclusion, ion-exchange, reversed phase, hydrophobic interaction, hydrophilic interaction, and/or affinity chromatography.

Sigma-Aldrich/Supelco offers a wide variety of stationary phases for the analysis and purification of large biomolecules, developed and manufactured by Supelco or in cooperation with our technology partners. In addition, Sigma-Aldrich/Supelco offers columns from well-known brands, including Tosoh Bioscience, GE Life Sciences, Sepax Technologies and Kromasil.

Our portfolio of U/HPLC and FPLC columns for biopolymer separations is organized by mode of chromatography, and by column brand or manufacturer. Recent additions to the product portfolio include BIOshell™ Glycan columns to determine the glycan composition of glycoproteins, gel-filtration and ion-exchange columns from Sepax® Technologies, and the complete line of TSKgel® HPLC columns and Toyopearl® media and process development columns from Tosoh Bioscience.

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BIOshell Fused-Core® Columns (T414048) Brochure
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Empowering the Biochemist to Analyze Glycoproteins with Exceptional Reproducibility
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TSKgel Reversed Phase Columns (T494079) Product Info.
TSKgel Affinity Columns (T494080) Product Info.
TSKgel Nonporous Resin Columns for Rapid Analysis of Proteins, Peptides, and Nucleic Acids  - Bulletin 862 (T109862) Technical Report
Innovative Approach to Coffee Bean Characterization, Using SEC and High Resolution  - Bulletin 919 (T197919) Technical Report
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Discovery BIO Wide Pore HPLC Columns and Capillaries (T402038) Brochure
Discovery BIO PolyMA: Ion exchange columns for protein and peptide separations (T410079) Brochure
Discovery BIO PolyMA: Ion exchange columns for protein and peptide separations (T403118) Poster
Enhanced Stability of Discovery BIO Wide Pore C5 Compared to Other Short Alkyl Chain Phases (T103935) Bulletin 935
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Increase Sensitivity and Decrease Sample Consumption Using HPLC Microbore and Capillary Column Dimensions (T302167) App Note 167
Eliminate TFA and Improve Sensitivity of Peptide Analyses by LC/MS (T302168) App Note 168
Effect of Stationary Phase on Selectivity of Reversed-Phase HPLC Separations of Polypeptides (T302169) App Note 169
Peptide Separations on a Stable, Aqueous Compatible C18 (T403056) Technical Report
Separation of Polysaccharides on SRT® App Note
Size Exclusion Separation of Protein Mixtures: Comparison of SRT ® Columns and TSKgel® Columns App Note
Analysis of MAb 221 with Tween 80 and Tween 20 App Note
Analysis of Vaccine Sample by Sepax SRT SEC-2000 Column App Note
PEG Separation on Zenix SEC App Note
Oligonucleotide Separation on Zenix™ SEC and Proteomix® SAX App Note
Zenix™ SEC 7.8x200mm App Note
Fusion Protein Separation App Note
Intact Glycoprotein Isoforms Separation on Proteomix® SAX Chromatography App Note
Monoclonal Antibody Fragment Separation Using SEC Coupled with M-S App Note
BSA pegylation App Note
Analysis of Glycoproteins on Proteomix® SAX-NP10 App Note
Analysis of MAb 321 on Proteomix® SCX NP5 App Note
Analysis of mAb using a pH Gradient on Proteomix® SCX NP5
App Note
Antibodix User Manual Brochure
Proteomix User Manual Brochure
SRT SEC User Manual Brochure
SRT-C SEC User Manual Brochure
Zenix User Manual Brochure
Zenix-C User Manual Brochure
Kromasil 300 Å for your Protein Separations with Kromasil HPLC Columns (T409220) Product Info.
Kromasil 300 Å - SIL, C4, C8, C18 (T409221) Product Info.
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