Pub. Id. Subject Type Size 
No. of
T199925 SPME Application Guide  Bulletin 925 657 135 
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T296012 New Interface Combines Solid Phase Microextraction with HPLC (Reporter Reprint) Article 78 
T296026 New Method for Monitoring Toluene Diisocyanates in Air, Using ORBO-80 Filters and HPLC  (Reporter Reprint) Article 119 
T296034 Analyze Stack Emissions, Using VOST Air Sampling Tubes and Capillary GC  (Reporter Reprint) Article 157 
T296065 New Interface Combines Solid Phase Microextraction with HPLC  (Reporter Reprint) Article 133 
T297023 Separation and Identification of Higher Fullerenes, Using HPLC/MS  (Reporter Reprint) Article 124 
T297094 Calibration Standards for Toxic Ogranics Methodology (TheReporter 16.4) Article 49 1
T294054 New, Highly- Characterized Reference Standards: Reformate, Heavy Naptha, Pyrolysis Gasoline (TheReporter 13.4) Article 47 1
T400129 The Analysis of all 209 PCB Congeners on the SPB™-Octyl and MDN™-5S Capillary Columns  Presentation 215  29 
T394023 Determination of Aromatics in Mineral Spirits Using a TCEP Capillary GC Column  App Note 23 125  
T394024 Analyze Acids, Bases, and Zwitterions, Using a SUPELCOSIL LC-ABZ HPLC Column  App Note 24 141  
T394049 SPB-50 Capillary Column for Environmental Applications  App Note 49 137  
T394054 Extract Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Water, Using Solid Phase Extraction Disks  App Note 54 168  
T394061 Solid Phase Microextraction/Capillary GC: Rapid, Sensitive Detection of Gasoline in Fire Debris  App Note 61 132  
T395081 Monitor BTEX Compounds and Fuels in Water, Using Solid Phase Microextraction and Capillary GC  App Note 81 170  
T004140 Separation of Aromatic Compounds Using Ascentis™ RP-Amide  App Note 140 13 
T300158 Analysis of 209 PCB Congeners  App Note 158 70 
T005279 Separation of Aromatic Compounds Using Ascentis™ C18  App Note 279 16