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T199925 SPME Application Guide  Bulletin 925 657   135 
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T295033 Polyacrylate File Fiber for Solid Phase MicroExtraction of Polar Semivolatiles from Water (Reporter Reprint) Article 928 
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T005225 Phenolic and Benzyl Compounds Using Ascentis™ C18  App Report 225 15
T005226 Phenolic and Benzyl Compounds Using Ascentis™ RP-Amide  App Report 226 15
T006398 Shorter Analysis Time for Method 8270D on the SLB-5ms  App Report 398 115
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T006473 US EPA Method 625 Semivolatiles by GC-MS on the Supelco SLB™-5ms  App Report 473 119
T006474 Fast GC-MS Analysis of US EPA Method 8270D Semivolatiles Using Supelco SLB-5ms  App Report 474 205
T006478 US EPA Method OLM04.2 SVOA (CLP Semivolatiles) by GC-MS on the Supelco SLB™-5ms  App Report 478 158
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T394032 Use Solid Phase Extraction to Isolate Phenols from Aqueous Samples  App Note 032 127  
T394049 SPB-50 Capillary Column for Environmental Applications  App Note 049 137  
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T396117 High-Resolution Separations of Nonionic Surfactant Oligomers, Using Normal Phase HPLC  App Note 117 134