SupelMIP Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have some technical issues (e.g., recovery) using a SupelMIP SPE phase/application. How can I get additional technical support?

    SupelMIP SPE is designed for the highly selective extraction of trace analytes in difficult sample matrices allowing researchers to reduce ion-suppression and achieve lower limits of quantitation. Although SupelMIP is a proven technology, additional method optimization and/or troubleshooting may be necessary to achieve method goals for your specific application.

  2. Are process scale MIP products available through Supelco?

    No. Process scale MIP products are not available through Supelco.

  3. How is sample preparation improved using molecularly imprinted polymer SPE technology?

    Because MIPs are tailor-made for individual analytes and analyte classes, analyte retention strength is increased significantly allowing for powerful wash steps within the SPE procedure. This allows for highly selective and simple extractions resulting in lower detection limits and improved MS compatibility (reduced ion-suppression). Each SupelMIP phase also comes with a detailed application specific protocol simplifying the method development process which in turn saves time and cost.

  4. Can we use existing or traditional SPE protocols with SupelMIP SPE technology?

    No. Existing protocols cannot be used. Every SupelMIP SPE includes a detailed extraction protocol that is analyte and matrix specific. This protocol needs to be used in order to achieve optimal retention during sample load, maximum interference removal during sample wash, and high recoveries during elution.

  5. How stable is SupelMIP SPE?

    SupelMIP SPE consists of highly cross-linked polymers and can be used within the whole pH range (1-14) without loss of selectivity. Due to the high degree of cross-linking, minimal to no swelling and shrinking is observed. The shelf life of the packed tubes is consistent with traditional SPE technology (e.g., C18, PS/DVB, etc.).

  6. What dimensions are available for SupelMIP SPE?

    Currently, our standard product consists of 25 mg bed weights packed in 3 mL and 10 mL LRC (large reservoir cartridges) SPE tubes. The phases can be custom packed in all other SPE hardware that Supelco offers (other SPE tube dimensions, glass SPE tubes, 96-well plates, etc.). Contact: