ISE Equipment

Electrodes for ion-selective measurements (reference, ISE body, tool for removing membranes, PVC membrane)

16811 Reference electrode for ISE (Double-junction Ag/AgCl reference electrode, cable not included)
This reference electrode has specially developed for measuring with ion selective electrodes and can be used at very low ion concentrations. The electrode has two filling openings and a removable teflon diaphragm for easily exchanging the filling electrolyte.

Technical Specifications  
Reference electrolyte refillable, KCl c = 3 mol/L
Reference system Ag/AgCl cartridge, Ag+-free
Operating range 0-80 °C (32-176 °F)
Diaphragm teflon
Shaft material glass
Electrode plug S7
Application reference for ion-selective electrodes


45137 Electrode body for ISE

with Lemo connector for mounting of ion-selective membranes, cable (45153, 45136) and tool for removing membranes (44765) are not included.

Total length 140 mm
Diameter 12 mm
Shaft Polyoxymethylene (POM)
Electrode plug Lemo


Accessories for ISE