Aquastar®- our new global Karl Fischer product line

We are proud to present our global product range of Karl Fischer reagents and standards now under the brand name Aquastar. In North America Aquastar is already a very well-known and established high quality brand. The existing Apura® trademark will be replaced with the trademark Aquastar outside of North America. To offer one global product line available worldwide we will use the brand name Aquastar for all our Karl Fischer products.

All products will keep the same catalogue numbers, designation, composition, quality and performance. Outside of the United States and Canada, we simply changed the brand name to Aquastar - nothing more.

Aquastar®- quality you can count on

Karl Fischer Titration is an established method for water determination. The significance to determine water contents in raw materials, intermediates and finished products is emphasized by the fact that water has great influence on the properties of substances. Shelf life, stability, agglomeration, physical properties amongst many other properties can be affected by the water content.

Using Karl Fischer Titration, together with our Aquastar reagents and standards the water content of gases, liquids and solids can be determined easily with a high degree of accuracy.

Aquastar reagents are distinguished by excellent quality. The highest standards are applied to production processes along with stringent quality control for peace of mind. From the selection of raw material, to packaging and quality control, we apply the strictest demands for reliable water determination.

Trust your water content results with Aquastar reagents and standards for Karl Fischer Titration.


  • Quality reagents for accurate moisture content determination
  • Rapid and reproducible titration results
  • Large water capacity
  • Comprehensive for any application

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