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Aquastar™ Reagent Sample Request

The standard for reproducible Karl Fischer results

We have over 40 years experience in Karl Fischer titration. With the highest quality standards and reliable supply, you can switch to Aquastar™ with confidence.

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The sample kits available include:

Karl Fischer Sample Kit 1 (for volumetric one component titration)
1.88005.0500       CombiTitrant 5
1.88052.               Water standard 1% (3 ampoules)
1.88009.0500       CombiMethanol

Karl Fischer Sample Kit 2 (for volumetric two component titration)
1.88010.0500       Titrant 5
1.88015.0500       Solvent
1.88052.               Water standard 1% (3 ampoules)

Karl Fischer Sample Kit 3 (for coulometric titration with or without diaphragm)
1.09257.0500       CombiCoulomat
1.88051.               Water standard 0.1% (3 ampoules)

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