Titripac® Volumetric Solutions

In order to safeguard the high quality of our volumetric reagents, effective packaging is needed that protects the solutions from impurities and contamination. Our Titripac® packaging system features a hermetically sealed package with an integrated withdrawal tap and independent internal liner that can be disposed of separately from the outer carton.

Titripur® ready-to-use volumetric solutions are available with a convenient 4 liter or 10 liter volume. The innovative Titripac packaging system provides a number of benefits: Every Titripac is hermetically sealed to prevent contamination after opening. Moreover, Titripac features a built-in tap that can be directly connected to a titrator and enables safe and easy withdrawal. It thus keeps your solution stable from the first to the last drop, reducing the need for time-consuming titer determinations.

Titripac® is our smart and safe packaging system for our ready-to-use volumetric, buffer, and aqueous solutions. Titripac® offers both economic and ecological advantages and makes your titrations and pH measurements more convenient and reliable. Titripac® is thus the perfect solution for users with high quality requirements and stringent quality management systems.

Titripac® Benefits

  • No contamination: Hermetically sealed pack
  • Easy to use: Integrated withdrawal tap, direct connection to a titrator is possible
  • Saves costs and time: No unnecessary titer determinations, no contaminated residual amounts
  • Environmentally friendly disposal: Reduced package waste, as carton and internal liner can be disposed of separately

Reliable Results - Optimized Work Processes

Closed System: Protection from the First to the Last Drop

The container reliably prevents any contaminations caused by air, carbon dioxide or microorganisms – from the first to the last drop. You can thus use your solutions during their entire shelf life without further checks. The closed Titripac® system ensures the consistent and reliable quality of the solution.

Save Time and Money, Protect the Environment

With Titripac®, you save time and money by avoiding unnecessary checks and titer determinations of the solutions. It is only necessary to do a titer determination when the box is first opened and then from time to time check the instruments, electrode and temperature conditions. Moreover, solution handling in titration is greatly simplified: The integrated withdrawal tap enables direct connection of your solution container to the titrator – for convenient solution withdrawal without the risk of contamination. Simply press the pack inwards and a spout appears that can be safely connected to the instrument. A suitable hose connection with adapter is provided separately. As a matter of course, the Titripac® packaging system has been designed with the environment in mind. A minimum of packaging material is used in order to reduce waste. The carton box can simply be disposed of together with your paper waste, and the internal liner can be easily folded prior to disposal.

Permanent Improvement

We permanently improve our Titripac® packaging system in close dialogue with our customers. The new generation of our 10 liter Titripac is even more comfortable, safer and easier to use. The carton features improved stability and is approved for hazardous materials, making transportation safer. It is more compact than its predecessor, taking up less lab space, and it has built-in handholds for easier carrying. Moreover, it is easier to open and causes even less packaging waste.