Mininert Valves

Mininert push-button valves are leak-tight closures that minimize contact with the sample. Only PTFE and glass are in contact when used with a glass vial. They are easy to use.
1. Push the green button to open the valve
2. Insert the needle through the septum and take a sample
3. Withdraw the needle
4. Push the red button to close the valve

• Leak-tight closure - your sample will not have any contact to the atmosphere
• Simple installation - no tools are required to use these valves
• Replaceable septum - this part is very easy to replace by pushing the new one into the septum location in the valve.

Mininert valves are available for screw-cap and crimp-top vials. The screw cap version is available in 13, 15, 18, 20 and 24 mm sizes. The crimp-top version, for 20 mm I.D. glassware, slides into the neck of the vial and has a threaded flange which is turned to secure a tight fit.

Additional Resources:
Click to view pdf file "Operating Instructions for Mininert Valves" (DS11884)

Product No. 33305
Mininert valve
Septa & inserter
Mininert valve back to top
Product Name Product # 
Screw top  
for vials taking 13 mm cap pack of 12 33300
for vials taking 15 mm cap pack of 12 33301
for vials taking 18 mm cap pack of 12 33302
for vials taking 20 mm cap pack of 12 33303
for vials taking 24 mm cap pack of 12 33304
Crimp top  
for vials taking 20 mm seal pack of 12 33305
Septa & insterter back to top
Product Name Product # 
Mininert septa, red silicone, length x diameter 0.308 in. x 0.125 in., pack of 50 33310-U
Mininert septum inserter 1 ea 33311