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80476 Supelco

Timestrip Plus Duo 10 °C and 34 °C



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description   Irreversible, single use
quality   Quality Assurance: Produced under ISO9001:2008
shelf life   limited shelf life, expiry date on the label
storage condition   room temperature
parameter   at 10°C: 3 days (A), 8 days (B), 14 days (C) run-out window (calibrated at +12 °C)
  at 34°C: 3 hours (D) run-out window (calibrated at +37 °C)
size   80 mm × 19 mm


General description

Timestrip® PLUS Duo indicator is a small, self-adhesive double temperature indicator. It monitors two ascending temperature thresholds in one label indicating a) if and for how long cold chain conditions (10°C) have been compromised and b) if such a labelled product has been exposed to a very high temperature (34°C).

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Manual activation buttons on bottom. Windows A, B, C or D turn blue if threshold temperatures are breached for the time thresholds indicated.


80476-10EA: 10 labels in sachet
80476-100EA: 100 labels in sachet
80476-500EA: 500 labels in sachet


Non-toxic, polymeric assembly multilayer and aluminum-plastic laminate encapsulating colored liquid chemicals


• Threshold temperatures: 10°C/50°F and 34°C/93°F
• Threshold times at 10°C: 3 days (A), 8 days (B), 14 days (C)
• Threshold time at 34°C: 3 hours (D)
• Usage: calibrated to an isothermal temperature of +12°C (A-C) and +37°C (D) resp.
• Time accuracy: ±15% in time under isothermal conditions

Legal Information

Timestrip Plus is a trademark of Timestrip Limited

Timestrip is a registered trademark of Timestrip Limited

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Safety Information for this product is unavailable at this time.
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