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for cell health analysis, multiparameter benchtop flow cytometry, and imaging flow cytometry

Synonym: Amnis Imaging Flow Cytometers, CellStream Benchtop Flow Cytometer, FlowSight Imaging Flow Cytometer, Guava easyCyte Benchtop Flow Cytometer, ImageStream X Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer, Muse Cell Analyzer

Explore our flow cytometry instruments to learn how each can enrich your cell analysis

Amnis® Imaging Flow Cytometers

  • Obtain images of every cell in flow, at high speed
  • Bright-field, dark-field (SSC), and several fluorescent images of each cell
  • Address complex biology that cannot be interrogated using traditional flow cytometers
  • Instruments report signal intensity and spatial localization with high sensitivity
  • Choose from two systems: ImageStream®X Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer and FlowSight® Imaging Flow Cytometer
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CellStream Benchtop Flow Cytometer

  • Unparalleled fluorescence sensitivity and flexibility in a compact, affordable system with 1 to 7 lasers providing up to 22 detection channels
  • Patented time-delay integration (TDI) sensor and camera technology for high fluorescence sensitivity
  • Standard 96-well plate autosampler
  • Event Gallery aids sample verification and troubleshooting
  • Aspect ratio for doublet discrimination
  • Rapid, on-site upgrades
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Guava® Benchtop Flow Cytometer

  • Up to 3 lasers, including new 532 nm laser, and detector configurations detect many fluorochromes
  • Can detect up to 14 parameters from a single sample
  • Exceptional sensitivity for detection of small particles and rare signals
  • Multisample (96-well plates/tubes) or single sample-loading options
  • Unique software makes it easy to set gates, assess dose response, create heat maps, and more
  • Easier to maintain and less liquid waste generated than traditional, sheath fluid-based instruments
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Muse® Cell Analyzer

  • Compact tool for cell-by-cell, multiparametric assessment of cell health
  • Parameters include viability, apoptosis, cell count, signaling activation, and cell cycle
  • Mix-and-read, optimized assays
  • No flow cytometry experience required
  • Integrated touchscreen with 8 in. x 10 in. footprint
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