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G2N10 Sigma-Aldrich

GenElute Plant Genomic DNA Miniprep Kit

Green Alternative

sufficient for 10 purifications

Synonym: Gen Elute, Plant Genomic DNA Miniprep

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Quality Level   200
usage   sufficient for 10 purifications
greener alternative product characteristics   Inherently Safer Chemistry for Accident Prevention
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storage temp.   room temp


General description

The GenElute Plant Genomic DNA Miniprep Kit provides a simple and convenient way to isolate pure DNA from a variety of plant species. The GenElute kit combines the advantages of a silica-based system with a microspin format and eliminates the need for expensive resins, RNase treatment, and hazardous organic compounds such as phenol and chloroform.

We are committed to bringing you Greener Alternative Products, which adhere to one or more of The 12 Principles of Greener Chemistry. This product has Inherently Safer Chemistry, compared to the standard use of phenol and chloroform to perform DNA extractions.

Other Notes

For additional information, please see www.sigma-aldrich.com/genomicdna.


GenElute Plant Genomic DNA Miniprep Kit has been used:
• in isolation of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungal spores DNA
• in the purification of cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB)-extracted genomic DNA
• in genomic DNA isolation from leaves

The purified genomic DNA is ready for immediate use in sensitive downstream applications such as:
• restriction endonuclease digestion
• cloning
• Southern blots

Features and Benefits

• Starting material: Up to 100 mg of plant tissue
• Expected yield: Up to 20 μg
• Elution volume: 100 - 200 μl
• Time required: < 40 min
• RNase treatment required: No


Several micrograms of DNA can be obtained from up to 100 mg of fresh tissue or 10 mg of freeze-dried material in less than an hour. Plant tissue is disrupted by grinding in liquid nitrogen and the DNA is released with detergent and chaotrope. Proteins, polysaccharides, and cell debris are eliminated with a 10 minute precipitation procedure followed by centrifugation through a filtration column, included in the kit. The genomic DNA is purified further by a silica bind-wash-elute procedure in microcentrifuge spin columns. The purified DNA is greater than 20 kb in length.

Legal Information

GenElute is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

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Column Preparation Solution SDS C2112
Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

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UN 3316 9
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Not applicable
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Protocols & Articles


GenomePlex® Whole Genome Amplification Kit: A High-Throughput Approach for Rapidly Amplifying Genomic DNA from a Variety of Biological Materials

Genomic characterization has become the starting point for understanding biological systems. In many instances, this process is hampered by insufficient quantities of genomic DNA, especially for rare...
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Experienced User Protocol GenElute Plant Genomic DNA Miniprep Kit Protocol

For experienced users, an abbreviated protocol is listed below.  For data, images, troubleshooting and other information, please see the full length protocol page.
Keywords: Cell disruption, MSDS, PAGE

GenElute Plant Genomic DNA Miniprep Kit Protocol (G2N10, G2N70, G2N350)

Several micrograms of DNA can be obtained from up to 100 mg of fresh tissue or 10 mg of freeze-dried material in less than an hour. The purified DNA is greater than 20 kb in length and can be used in...
Keywords: AGE, Amplification, Cell disruption, Centrifugation, Electrophoresis, Evaporation, Filtration, Gel electrophoresis, Molecular biology, Phase transitions, Polymerase chain reaction, Precipitation, Purification

Plant DNA extraction & WGA Amplification-protocol

Extracting DNA from plant tissue is a complicated process due to the tough cell wall that surrounds most plant cells. Genomic DNA from plant material can be damaged during the extraction process, res...
Keywords: Absorption, Amplification, Cell disruption, Centrifugation, Filtration, Molecular probes, Nucleic acid denaturation, Polymerase chain reaction, Precipitation, Purification, Whole genome amplification

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