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Functional Genomics and RNAI
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Step 1: Import File or List of shRNA Identifiers...
Type in the location of the text file you wish to import. If you do not know the exact location on your computer or network, click the "Browse" button" File should contain only the identifiers you are searching. They should be csv or txt files.
... or Enter a list of Identifiers:
Enter a list of identifiers that represent the clones or targets of interest. Use commas or a line break to separate entries. Spaces will cause an error. IE: NM_001356,NM_001356...
Step 2: Define the type of identifiers you are searching:
The site supports the import of valid .csv and .txt files. The file should contain only the query terms separated by commas or hard returns.
  RefSeq Exact Match (IE: NM_001356)
  RefSeq Including Alternate RefSeq Numbers (IE: NM_001356)
  RefSeq with Version No. (IE: NM_001356.1)
  Clone ID (IE: NM_001356.x-2866s1c1)
  TRC No. (IE: TRCN0000000001)
Step 3: Select the Preferred Format:
  MISSION™ shRNA Bacterial Glycerol Stock
  MISSION™ shRNA Plasmid DNA
  MISSION™ shRNA Lentiviral Particles
Step 4: Click Search    

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