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Carbon Adsorbents

High-purity/quality unique adsorbents at economical prices Shyam Verma, Market Segment Manager, Reagents & Chemicals Adsorbent carbons are frequently used in analytical techniques including chromatographic separations. Sigma-Aldrich®/Supelco®’s carbon technology development effo...

Environmental Testing - Microbiology

To protect human health, several government agencies have developed methods to collect, detect, and characterize the levels of various microorganisms in drinking water. The most common tests are designed for coliform (total and/or fecal) and Escherichia coli. • Sample Collection • Sample Preparation...

AD030 Particle Monitoring Guide – Air and Gas Particle Monitoring Equipment

Follow these links to learn more about types of air monitoring equipment: • Filter holders • Flow-limiting orifices • Filters • Gas lines Our 47 mm stainless steel filter holders are designed for sampling large volumes of particles in air, such as those found in a large, dust-containing environment ...

ASSET EZ4-NCO Analysis of Isocyanates

Introduction Isocyanates are used as a raw material to produce a number of products such as automotive paints, rigid and spray foam insulation, and furniture. Personal exposure can occur while the products made with isocyanates are being applied, or when the materials are removed by grinding or ther...

Environmental Testing - Organics

Sample preparation involves partitioning organic pollutants into headspace through a purge process (for volatile organics) or into an organic solvent through an extraction process (for non-volatile organics). A cleanup step to remove interferences and/or a concentration step to increase method sensi...

BPE-DNPH Cartridge for Simultaneous Determination of Ozone and Carbonyls

• • Download PDF • The following was generated by an outside source using Sigma-Aldrich products. Technical content provided by: Shigehisa Uchiyama, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University, 1-33, Yayoicho, Inage-ku, Chiba City, Chiba, 263-8522, Japan The BPE-DNPH cartridge is a patent pending sampl...

Active Particle Counting for the Food & Beverage Industry: the APC ErgoTouch Hand-Held Particle Counter

The hygiene standard in a food and beverage production environment is directly linked to the microbiological safety of the finished products. Make sure that your active microbial air sampling solutions generate precise, reliable and reproducible results. Our easy-to-use monitoring systems fully comp...

Industry - Environmental

Download PDF Product Name PDF file size No. of Pages Subject T394003 Application Note 003 133 KB 2 GC Monitoring of Chlorinated Pesticides in Hazardous Waste Sites T394004 Application Note 004 127 KB 2 Identify the Correct Heptachlor Epoxide Isomer by Capillary GC T394006 Application Note 006 123 KB...

US EPA 324 Vapor Phase Mercury Traps

• • Download PDF • US EPA 324 Vapor Phase Mercury Traps – Supelco is the exclusive supplier of innovative and economical FSTM™ trap technology from Frontier GeoSciences Vice President, Research & Development, Supelco Strategic Project Chemist, Supelco Frontier GeoSciences Picture 1 ......... FSTMTM ...

Air Monitoring Overview and Applications

Related Products • Carbon Adsorbent Sampler Kits • Gas Sampling Bags and Bottles • Air Monitoring Cassettes & Membrane Filters • Thermal Desorption Tubes • MAS®-100 Air Sampling Instruments • RCS® Microbial Air Sampling Systems & HYCON® Agar Strips • APC ErgoTouch Hand-Held Particle Counter • ATP & ...

AD030 Particle Monitoring Guide – General Air Sampling in Work Environment

The following section outlines air sampling techniques and includes a general discussion of collecting air samples. Follow the links here to read descriptions of specific procedures for air sampling using our filters, holders, and cassettes. • Air sampling procedures ○ 37 mm Monitoring Cassette Meth...

Environmental Monitoring for Industrial Microbiology in the Pharmaceutical Industry

ASK OUR EXPERTS Total Control with our Microbial Environmental Monitoring Solutions for the Pharma Industry Hot Topics • On-demand Webinar: How to Avoid Cross Contamination during Viable Active Air Sampling in Clean Rooms • On-demand webinar to gain insight from our experts on how to select the best...

Products for the Petrochemical Industry

The oil industry’s success in accelerating the global economy depends upon safe, reliable and efficient processes to ensure that consumers receive a consistent flow of high-quality petroleum products. We are committed to make QC & Analytical Testing more efficient and productive with our portfolio o...

Videos & Web Seminars for Chromatography and Analytical Chemistry

Air Monitoring Videos & Webinars ASSET™ Air Sampler for Isocyanates Video: This sampler is easy to use, and offers ultimate sensitivity for vapor phase and particulate isocyanates. Thermal Desorption Adsorbents webinar: Key parameters and practical tips for selecting an adsorbent for your thermal de...

Air Monitoring Applications

Used in industrial settings to protect workers and prevent environmental and product contamination, air monitoring is used to determine air quality in the working environment. Air monitoring examples include vapor intrusion in residential/commercial settings, contamination from petrochemical industr...

Air Monitoring Applications - Petrochemical sulfur dioxide

Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) contamination in air results from industrial activities that burn coal and oil at power plants and copper smelting. It readily converts to other compounds such as sulfuric acid, sulfates and sulfur trioxide. It is easily recognized by its pungent “egg” smell. Exposure occurs fro...

NIOSH 6015– Products and Materials Guide

AMMONIA The purpose of this method is for the preparation and analysis of air samples for detection and measurement of ammonia. This method uses visible absorption spectrophotometry, applicable to STEL measurements. Note special precaution to avoid contact with skin or inhalation of vapors. Handle i...

AD030 Particle Monitoring Guide – Air and Gas Particle Monitoring

In this section of the AD030 Learning Center, you can find technical information on regulated methods for air and gas particle monitoring. Workplace particle monitoring of air and gases serves multiple purposes: 1. Modern industrial processes, such as those involving gyroscopic, mechanical, servo, a...

Passive Air Sampling Tubes for US EPA Method 325

Related Articles • Reporter US Volume 33.4 (4 Mb PDF) • Simple Collection and 5-minute UHPLC Assay for 11 Isocyanates • Analysis of Isocyanates Using the ASSET™ EZ4-NCO Dry Sampler • Determination of Formaldehyde and Acetaldehyde in Air Using DNPH Cartridges and Automated On-Line Desorption Followed...

High Purity Carbon Adsorbents for Sample Preparation and Chromatographic Applications

The first high purity Supelco® carbon adsorbents were made for gas chromatographic packed columns. Then, specialty carbons were developed for thermal desorption tubes followed by the introduction of carbons in solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges. In later developments, Supelco® carbons were used...

American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS): Ongoing Sponsorship of the Supelco AOCS Research Award and Election of Len Sidisky to Presidency

Since 1909, the aim of the AOCS is to advance the science and technology of oils, fats, proteins, surfactants, and related materials.1 Employees of our organization have been involved in the leadership and activities of the AOCS for decades. Two significant recent events are reported here. AOCS Supe...

Aromatics - Chromatography and Sample Prep Literature from Supelco

Pub. Id. Subject Type Size (KB) No. of Pages T199925 SPME Application Guide Bulletin 925 657 135 T200006 Fast Gradients for RP-HPLC (Reporter 18.6) Article 516 4 T296012 New Interface Combines Solid Phase Microextraction with HPLC (Reporter Reprint) Article 78 3 T296026 New Method for Monitoring Tol...

Publications: Online library of tutorials, product guides and references

• Life Science and Biochemicals • Chromatography & Analytical • Materials Science, Chemical Synthesis and Lab Equipment • Newsletter Subscription • Molecular Biology Handbook • Cloning Manual • Synthetic Biology Resources • qPCR Technical Guide Life Science and Biochemicals Name Description Antibody...

SPME-Diffusive Fiber Holder (DFH)

SPME-Diffusive Fiber Holder (DFH), Cat.No. 57584-U for TWA Air Sampling with SPME A SPME-Diffusive Fiber Holder (DFH) installed with a FFA is capable of determining the time-weighted average (TWA) concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air. Unlike conventional sampling with SPME, in w...

Microbial Air Samplers for Isolators in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Contact Your Sales Specialist Related Links • View Product List • On-demand Webinar: How to Avoid Cross Contamination during Viable Active Air Sampling in Clean Rooms • Industrial Microbiology Testing Portfolio • On-demand Webinar: Environmental Monitoring in Aseptic Manufacturing • Pharmaceutical M...

Air Monitoring Paints & Coatings - Binding Agent (Vehicle)

A binding agent or “vehicle” is one of the three components of paints. It bonds the paint pigment, remains on the coated surface when dry, and also gives paints its protective properties. Binders include synthetic or natural resins, including: acrylics, polyurethanes (contain isocyanates), polyester...

Small Molecule Workflow

When analysing small molecules the overarching need is to maximize sensitivity without compromising reproducibility and laboratory throughput. We have developed unique tools to maximize speed and selectivity throughout the entire workflow. To support the diverse techniques required such as GC, spect...

Sampling VOCs with Supel™-Inert Film Gas Sampling Bags

Sampling VOCs with Supel™-Inert Film Gas Sampling Bags with Thermogreen™ LB-2 Septa as an Alternative to Tedlar® Kristen Schultz and Jamie Brown Introduction For 10 years, Supelco has provided our customers with high quality Tedlar gas sampling bags. Recently, we expanded our gas sampling bag line t...

Suitability of MC‑Media Pad® for Hygiene Monitoring

Related Links • View Product List • MC-Media Pad® • Food Microbiology Testing • Alternative Culture Media Methods • Ready-to-use Media Related Resources • Application Note: Convenient media performance comparison • Validation Summary MC-Media Pad® • MC-Media Pad E. coli & Coliform Results to MPN Con...

Microbial Air Monitoring for Industrial Manufacturing Areas: the RCS® Series and HYCON® Agar Strip

The hygiene standard in less critical manufacturing areas is directly linked to the microbiological safety of the finished products. Make sure that your active microbial air sampling solutions generate precise, reliable and reproducible results. Our easy-to-use monitoring systems fully comply with i...