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Paints & Coatings Solvents Air Monitoring Applications

Solvents are one of the three components of paints. They are petroleum-based chemicals which dissolve the pigment and binding agent for application. Most enamel-based paints use a mild petroleum-based solvent with an alkyd vehicle, and have a long drying and curing time. Conversely, lacquer-based pa...

Agricultural Contaminants

People living and working in rural areas are at risk of exposure to wide range of pollutants emitted from agricultural operations. Exposure to pesticides and herbicides is a significant concern; roughly only 85% of sprayed airborne pesticides reach their target destination [1]; the remaining 15% is ...

Air Monitoring & Air Sampling Products

We offer Supelco® air monitoring and air sampling products for Solvent Desorption, Thermal Desorption, and Whole Air Sampling. Our offering includes: Passive Sampling devices; Sorbent Tubes; Thermal Desorption tubes for PerkinElmer, Markes, DANI, OI Analytical, Shimadzu, CDS/Dynatherm, Gerstel, and ...

Measurement of acetic acid vapor in the workplace using passive sampling SPME and on-fiber derivatization with 1-pyrenyldiazomethane: Comparison with active sampling

• • Download PDF • Workplace exposures to acetic acid vapors can cause irritation to eyes and mucous membranes, chronic bronchitis and asthma (1,2,3). The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) proposed 25 mg/m3 TLV-TWA (time-weighted average) and 37 mg/m3 TLV-STEL (short-...

Anesthetic Gases in Healthcare

Healthcare Industry According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Healthcare was the largest industry in 2006 employing 14 million people of whom 13.6 million were wage/salary workers and 438,000 self-employed. In addition, 7 of the 10 fastest growing occupations were healthcare related, and wer...

Vapor Intrusion

Vapor Intrusion is defined as vapor phase migration of volatile organic (VOC’s) and/or inorganic compounds into indoor air spaces of occupied buildings from underlying contaminated ground water and/or soil. The resulting air quality problem from these vapors can pose a health risk to the occupants. ...

Calibration Solutions and Kits for radiello® Diffusive Air Sampler

By Klaus Buckendahl, European Sales Development Manger … In 2006, Supelco, a member of the Sigma-Aldrich family, in collaboration with the Institi Clinici Scientifici Maugeri (ICSM), Padova, Italy, partook in a joint venture in which Supelco became the exclusive world-wide d...

Carbonyl Sampling

About Our Comprehensive Line of Carbonyl Sample Collection Products Supelco LpDNPH cartridges are manufactured to the highest quality standards in a low background carbonyl-controlled manufacturing environment. We offer the widest range of carbonyl sampling devices in the Air Monitoring market with ...

US EPA Method 325B Compliance

• • Download PDF • [Webinar] The Analysis Workflow of the New EPA Method 325 for Fenceline Monitoring The Analysis Workflow of the New EPA Method 325 for Fenceline Monitoring  Carbopack X delivers trusted sampling performance f...

radiello® Brochure & CD Offer

radiello® Diffusive Sampler radiello® Brochure An overview of passive sampling and the radiello product line, including applications, methodologies and a complete listing of radiello products like adsorbent cartridges, diffusive bodies and accessories radiello® CD content: • radiello® Manual - Instr...

Paints and Coatings - Air Sampling products from Supelco

Paints consist of mainly three components: (1) a pigment to add color which sometimes contains heavy metals such as lead, chromium and cadmium; (2) a binding agent or “vehicle” which bonds the paint pigment, remains on the coated surface when dry, and also gives paints its protective properties; and...

Products for Determination of Chinese Drywall Contamination

In the mid-2000's, there was sudden rapid growth in commercial building and residential housing markets within the southeastern US states. When hurricanes - most notably Katrina - wreaked havoc in these areas, in order to rebuild structures quickly builders relied on drywall supplied from China to s...

Welding Proceses - Air Monitoring Products from Supelco

Welding is the process by which pieces of metals or thermoplastics are combined or joined by applying heat, pressure, or a combination of both. It is one of the oldest industrial processes in practice today. The earliest examples of welded metals date back to the Bronze and Iron Ages. Welding proces...

DSD-DNPH Passive Sampling Tube

NEW! DSD-DNPH Passive Sampling Device – (ordering information) High Efficiency Diffusive Sampler for Determination of Aldehydes and Ketones in Indoor Air The DSD-DNPH diffusive sampler was introduced first in Japan and was an integral device for monitoring carbonyls in indoor air, specifically relat...

Polynuclear Aromatic Compounds (PACs, PAHs) - Supelco Air Monitoring Applications

Polynuclear Aromatic Compounds (PACs) are byproducts of fuel burning-which occur in coal, tar, and oil deposits. PACs are not only released from fossil fuels but also in cooked foods and other consumer goods, such as meat, from the high temperature grilling process as well as from incomplete combust...

Passive Air Sampling Tubes for US EPA Method 325

Related Articles • Reporter US Volume 33.4 (4 Mb PDF) • Simple Collection and 5-minute UHPLC Assay for 11 Isocyanates • Analysis of Isocyanates Using the ASSET™ EZ4-NCO Dry Sampler • Determination of Formaldehyde and Acetaldehyde in Air Using DNPH Cartridges and Automated On-Line Desorption Followed...

Petrochemical Industry - Supelco Air Monitoring Applications

The petroleum refining industry has advanced from producing cheap kerosene as its main role during inception to its diversity today where the demands of modern transportation have led to production of gasoline, diesel and jet fuels. Industrial innovations have created the demand for petrochemical pr...

Supelco Cross-Reference List for SKC Air Monitoring Products

The tables below cross-reference Supelco alternatives that may be used as replacements for products from SKC, Inc. Use the information to find equivalents or substitutes for commonly used adsorbents, including some that are discontinued. Anasorb® CMS Sorbent and TD Tubes Carbon Cross-Reference Guide...

Products for the Petrochemical Industry

The oil industry’s success in accelerating the global economy depends upon safe, reliable and efficient processes to ensure that consumers receive a consistent flow of high-quality petroleum products. We are committed to make QC & Analytical Testing more efficient and productive with our portfolio o...

radiello® – Fast and Efficient Diffusive Sampling for Thermal Desorption

Klaus Buckendahl For most diffusive/passive air sampling systems, the collected samples are desorbed via chemical desorption. A typical example of a desorption solvent is carbon disulfi de (CS2) for the desorption of volatile organic compounds (VOC) / BTEX from activated ch...

Passive (Diffusive) Sampling Overview

Overview Radiello Passive Sampling Products DSD-DNPH Passive Sampling Device Diffusion Caps for PerkinElmer® Thermal Desorption Tubes SPME-Diffusive Sampling Fiber Holder (DFH) Overview Passive or diffusive sampling relies on the unassisted molecular diffusion of gaseous agents (analytes) through a ...

Petrochemical VOCs - Supelco Air Monitoring Applications

Refinery workers are at risk for exposure to BTEX and other VOC compounds from: routine sampling and maintenance operations, releases from large bulk facilities, surface spills and pipeline leaks. The main source of BTEX contamination to a community is from underground storage tanks leaking into soi...

Petrochemical Inorganic Acids - Supelco Air Monitoring Applications

Hydrochloric acid is released by oil refineries in the gaseous form, is highly corrosive, can have damaging effects on the skin, eyes, kidneys, intestines and other internal organs. It also acts as a musculoskeletal toxicant whereas it could damage the lungs and bones and muscles. Sulfuric acid is a...

Testing Service for radiello® Diffusive Samplers

Looking for analytical testing services? Below is a list of test labs we recommend for radiello products. Please contact these labs directly; their services are not available through Sigma-Aldrich. Europe Istituti Clinici Scientifici Maugeri (ICSM) IPROMA laboratorio y asesoria TERA Environnement La...

Air Monitoring Literature

radiello® Brochure Publication Title Type Size (kb) No. Pages NEW Sampling and Analysis of Carbonyls in Air (request) Product Info - 16 ASSET™ EZ4-NCO Isocyanates Dry Sampler Product Info 400 2 General A Tool for Selecting an Adsorbent for Thermal Desorption Applications Product Info 529 36 Benefits...

Air Monitoring Overview and Applications

Related Products • Carbon Adsorbent Sampler Kits • Gas Sampling Bags and Bottles • Air Monitoring Cassettes & Membrane Filters • Thermal Desorption Tubes • MAS®-100 Air Sampling Instruments • RCS® Microbial Air Sampling Systems & HYCON® Agar Strips • APC ErgoTouch Hand-Held Particle Counter • ATP & ...

SPME-Diffusive Fiber Holder (DFH)

SPME-Diffusive Fiber Holder (DFH), Cat.No. 57584-U for TWA Air Sampling with SPME A SPME-Diffusive Fiber Holder (DFH) installed with a FFA is capable of determining the time-weighted average (TWA) concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air. Unlike conventional sampling with SPME, in w...

Analytical Products for Oil Spill Contamination - Air Monitoring, Soil & Water Analysis

Supelco has identified a wide range of analytical products designed to meet the specific needs of analysts responding to contamination from oil spills. Our sample collection, sample prep, monitoring, and analysis products may be used for oil spill monitoring and remediation efforts, as well as for d...

Sampling Ammonia using radiello Passive Sampler

The following article was generated with the assistance of an outside source using Sigma-Aldrich® products. Content was provided from the public information published on the Ammonia Monitoring Network website. Introduction The National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NA...

Carbopack™ X TD Tube for Fenceline Monitoring (EPA Method 325B)

EPA Method 325B Compliance Overview The US EPA first employed Supelco's adsorbent technology beginning in 1981 with the development of the first thermal desorption tubes as an alternative to sampling volatile organic compounds with bulky canisters and less sensitive solvent desorption methods. When ...