Customized Products - Tailor-Made Chemicals for
Organic Synthesis

With MyChemicals choose from over 50,000 chemicals for organic synthesis. But this is really just the beginning. On your request, we customize our standard catalog chemicals in order to meet your exact requirements.

  1. MyChemicals: Select from an extensive portfolio of more than 5.000 building blocks, organic reagents, solvents, bases, acids and salts.
  2. Customized Specifications: Specify the parameters and their values you require for your application.
  3. Customized Solutions and Mixtures: Order convenient pre-treatment options such as solving or mixing.
  4. Customized Packaging: Receive the exact amount you need in your preferred packaging.

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My Chemicals - customized Products

Benefit from our customized products:

  • Reduce costs and waste
  • Save time and effort
  • Minimize health risks
  • Simplify scale-up
  • Ensure that your exact requirements are met

Customized Packaging

My Chemicals - customized packaging

In order to help our customers increase efficiency and streamline their processes, we offer a broad array of customized packaging solutions. Just order the exact amount of chemicals you need in your desired pack size and packaging material. Choose from a broad range of:

  • Packaging materials: Bottles, drums, canisters, barrels, IBCs, etc. made from glass, polyethylene, aluminum or (stainless) steel.
  • Pack sizes: From 5 ml to 1 m3 per pack.
  • Filling quantities: From 1 ml to 1 m3per pack for liquids; and from 1 g to 100 kg per pack for solids

This not only reduces costs and waste from excess chemicals and packaging. Custom quantities also help minimizing exposure to toxic and/or hazardous compounds by eliminating the weighing step in your process. All our chemicals offer the same excellent quality regardless of quantity, so you can freely adapt packaging to scale and simplify your scale-up.


Customized Specifications

My Chemicals - customized specification

Our extended analytical services are at your disposal to fulfil your specification requirements for reliable or synthesis.

We help define the optimum specifications for the relevant physical and chemical properties of your chemical. This eliminates uncertainties and greatly enhances the reliability of your processes. A wide range of parameters can be measured and added as lot-specific values or as specified parameters to the Certificate of Analysis.

Customizing of specifications includes:

  • Narrower range for existing parameters
  • Measuring additional parameters, such as: 
    • Assay/purity (measured by GC, HPLC, titration, etc.)
    • Identity (measured by IR, NMR, MS, etc.)
    • Physical/chemical properties: appearance/color; melting/boiling point/range; density; refraction index; acidity/alkalinity; solubility; particle size distribution; specific surface area (BET), etc. 
    • Impurities: loss on drying; water content; loss on ignition; metal content; sulfuric ash; solvent content, etc. 
    • Special parameters not mentioned above.


Customized Solutions & Mixtures

My Chemicals - Customized Solutions & Mixtures

Save time and effort in your synthesis – let us prepare your solutions, mixtures and blends for you. We will solve, dilute, mix and blend chemicals according to your individual needs. By avoiding these pre-treatment steps, you also reduce contact with toxic and/or hazardous substances. Our customized solutions & mixtures comprise: 

  • Preparation of solutions of organic and inorganic chemicals in water or organic solvents
  • Dilution of aqueous or organic solutions of chemicals 
  • Mixing of liquid organic and/or inorganic chemicals
  • Mixing/blending of solid organic and/or inorganic chemicals. 

Each inquiry will be checked diligently and individually on a case by case basis. If a required option can be fulfilled depends upon the chemical substance and other parameters.

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