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Our chemistry webinars are web-based seminars describing the latest, innovative chemical synthesis technologies and products in our catalog. These seminars are convenient to navigate, interactive, and accessed directly via your desktop browser.


DOZN 2.0 – A Quantitative Green Chemistry Evaluator

Samy Ponnusamy
Fellow & Global Manager, Green Chemistry



Fundamentals and applications of photoredox catalysts in organic and macromolecular synthesis

Garret Miyake
Professor, Colorado State University


Ken Schwieter
Global Product Manager, { Merck }

Generating chemically-viable solutions with drug discovery software

Emma Gardener

PhD Technical Application Scientist, Cheminformatics Technologies, MilliporeSigma


Miniaturise the haystack: DNA-Encoded Libraries for drug discovery

Michael Thompson,
CEO & co-founder of DyNAbind


Francesco Reddavide
Director of Research & Development at DyNAbind

John Fetter
Product Manager of Emerging Chemical Synthesis at { Merck }




Targeted Protein Degradation using Small Molecules

Alessio Ciulli, PhD
Professor of Chemical and Structural Biology, University of Dundee

Synthia™ - Retrosynthetic Design Software for
Practicing Chemists

Lindsey Rickershauser PhD
Technical Application Scientist, Cheminformatics Technologies.
John Hopkins University

Ashwini Ghogare PhD
Consultant for novel synthesis pathway design, Cheminformatics Technologies.
City University of New York




Current Topics in Bioconjugation

Greg Hermanson
President of Greg T Hermanson, Inc.

August 16, 2017



From Milligrams to Kilograms: Synthetic Chemistry Following Nature’s Lead

Professor Bruce Lipshutz
University of California, Santa Barbara

November 16, 2016
Wilfried Braje
Principal Scientist, AbbVie

Fabrice Gallou
Principal Fellow, Novartis Pharma

Modern Catalysis: Academic Discovery To Industrial Application

Professor Stephen L. Buchwald
Camille Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ligands and Precatalysts for
Pd-Catalyzed Coupling Reactions

February 9, 2016
Dr. Spencer D. Dreher
Principal Scientist, Process Chemistry

High-Throughput Catalytic Experimentation
to Speed Drug Discovery
Dr. Sarah L.J. Trice
Global Catalysis Portfolio Lead

Introduction to KitAlysis™
High-Throughput Screening Kits


Sulfonyl Fluorides In Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery

Dr. Lyn Jones
Head Of Rare Diseases Chemistry
And Chemical Biology Group
Leader, Pfizer

January 26, 2016


Late Stage Functionalization of Drug-Like Molecules

Dr. Tim Cernak
Associate Principle Scientist

March 31, 2015


Using Synthetic Tools Prepared by Automated Oligosaccharide Chemistry to Interrogate Complex Biological Systems

Prof. Peter H. Seeberger
Director and Professor, Max-Planck Institute for Colloids and Surfaces

December 13, 2011
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI
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Prof. Mark Stradiotto Exploiting “DalPhos” Ligands in Challenging Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions

Prof. Mark Stradiotto
Faculty of Science Killam Professor of Chemistry
Dalhousie University, Canada

October 19, 2011
University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Geodon® (Ziprasidone): Discovery of a Novel Antipsychotic Drug

Dr. John Lowe III
Co-inventor of Geodon at Pfizer
Winner of 2011 ACS Award in Industrial Chemistry

May 17, 2011
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
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Aziridine Aldehydes as Reagents for Rapid and Chemoselective Synthesis of Complex Molecules

Prof. Andrei Yudin
University of Toronto, Canada

March 28, 2011
ACS National Meeting, Anaheim, CA, USA
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Zirconium-catalyzed Asymmetric Carboalumination of Alkenes (ZACA Reaction)

Prof. Ei-ichi Negishi
Co-winner of 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
H. C. Brown Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

Purdue University
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MIDA Boronate Building Blocks: Towards a general platform for small molecule synthesis

Professor Martin D. Burke
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Early Career Scientist of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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