Simple Qualification Support

The Msynth®plus line makes qualification of starting materials as simple as possible. Especially developed for organic synthesis in quality-conscious environments, such as pharma, electronic or cosmetic industries, Msynth®plus products are accompanied by the necessary documentation to help you easily fulfill quality requirements. The product range is optimized for research, process development and production. The portfolio comprises both organic and inorganic chemicals, including building blocks, reagents, solvents, process chemicals and additives.

Msynth®plus products are manufactured in compliance with DIN ISO 9001 guidelines, but not according to GMP requirements. Each batch is subjected to extensive in-house testing, which is described in the Supporting Dossier included with every product. Furthermore, traceability is secured through change control agreements with our suppliers. This enables us to offer our customers comprehensive change notification commitments. With Msynth®plus products, you have more transparency and more safety for your synthesis process.


Qualification Dossiers Ensures Safety Through Transparency

A detailed Supporting Dossier comes standard with every Msynth®plus product. Inside you will find comprehensive information about product quality as well as essential supporting documents. This enables you to easily monitor quality of your starting materials.

Qualifying Msynth®plus product saves time and costs in your process as you have all the desired informations at the ready. All the documents are available 24 hours a day through our secure, validated IT systems.

Each Qualification Dossier Includes:

  • Safety data sheet
  • Testing procedure
  • Process of manufacturing
  • Non-animal origin statements
  • Information regarding residual solvents
  • Information regarding elemental impurities
  • RoHS certificate (for the electronics industry)

Our Change Control Agreement Prevents Surprises

The change control agreements between us and our suppliers enhance the traceability of our Msynth®plus products as we are notified of essential product and process changes. This forms the basis for change notification commitments that we are offering to our Msynth®plus customers on request. Our qualification process results in added transparency for your synthesis processes.

The change notification commitments that we offer for Msynth®plus customers will ensure they are informed of changes in the following:

  • Specification
  • Plant or manufacturing site
  • Process of manufacturing
  • Status non-Animal Origin

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