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AldrichCPR FAQ

How can I start using AldrichCPR? Do I need to sign up for this service?
Visit our website and register as a new user. You will receive a password to log on to AldrichCPR, and then you’re ready to get started.

Is there a fee?
No, there is not a fee to register for AldrichCPR or to receive quotes.

I am currently using another supplier for my building blocks / screening compounds – why should I use your products instead?
Since we are a global supplier and manufacturer, we can deliver building blocks, reagents and screening compounds to you more efficiently than other distributors. AldrichCPR offers the advantages of filling products in custom sizes. Using this option provides a cost benefit as well, you only pay for the amount you need.

Do you supply materials from external vendors?
Yes, AldrichCPR with numerous vendors throughout the world to offer more than 8 million building blocks and screening compounds.

What products are excluded from this service?
DEA and other restricted items cannot be custom packaged through AldrichCPR. If items are requested that are restricted due to governmental, handling, or shipping regulations, we will not provide a quote on these items.

What information do I need to supply to get a quotation?
A product identifier (MDL #, structure, or CNC ID #) are preferred. We can also use CAS # or vendor and product # as inputs. We also require the quantity and amount to be filled as well as any special packaging or labeling requirements. Information such as PDF files, WORD documents, embedded structures, and names are not preferred and will result in a delayed response or require us to contact you for more information.

What is the standard fill amount?
AldrichCPR fills in 1mg to gram amounts. We can also weigh stoichiometric amounts (mmol) of sets of compounds or building blocks.

What is the minimal amount that can be filled?
The minimal amount that AldrichCPR can custom package is 1mg.

What is the turnaround time for quotations?
Inquiries are typically quoted within 3 days. This varies depending on the complexity and size of the request.

What is the turnaround time for receipt of goods?
This can vary depending on the longest lead time for the products selected to order, lead time will be provided in the quotation.

Can I split an order into two shipments if some items have a longer lead time?
Yes, you can request multiple shipments to receive products as they become available. Please inform us at the time an order is placed.

What information can I include on the labels?
Our standard labels include name, MDL # and molecular weight. These labels can be personalized by you to include any of the following information:

  • Name
  • Customer Identifier
  • Barcode
  • Structure
  • Amount
  • Library Name
  • CAS #
  • MDL #
  • Molecular Weight
  • Molecular Formula

Note: The amount of information that can fit on a label depends on the vial and label size.

Can AldrichCPR provide electronic data in addition to custom labeling?
Yes, AldrichCPR will provide a “boxmap” with location and product information for every shipment. When applicable, AldrichCPR can provide custom formatted structure files (SDF format) to accommodate your data requirements.

What type of vials do you fill? Can you fill in customer-supplied vials?
The standard vials used are 4mL or 8mL clear glass vials with PTFE-lined solid screw caps. We can also package in customer supplied vials or purchase vials to fill a customer’s requirements. There is no fee to package in the standard vial or in customer supplied vials; however, there will be a packaging fee for specialized vials we need to purchase for a customer.

Matrix plates, microwave vials, amber vials, and clear vials with septa caps are examples of some other vials used.

Do you solvate materials in DMSO or other solvents?
Yes, AldrichCPR provides DMSO solvation and other custom sample formatting through a network of third party providers. Our goal is to draw upon our partner’s expertise to provide your samples formatted to your specifications in the most cost efficient and timely manner. Due to the complexity of the project, the timelines for quotations are extended – please contact AldrichCPR@sial.com to coordinate most efficiently.

I am interested in cheminformatics solutions for computational chemistry and screening. How do I get access to more information?
Please contact us at AldrichCPR@sial.com for information related to cheminformatics, including subscriptions to our databases and screening tools.

Do you provide screening libraries?
Yes, AldrichCPR provides both prepackaged and custom selected screening libraries. You can request custom libraries based on a variety of technical and financial properties. Contact us at AldrichCPR@sial.com to arrange a discussion of your screening library product needs.

Can I view real-time inventory of AldrichCPR products?
Not currently; however, we can provide a daily inventory file to customers with whom we have a Data Sharing Agreement. Contact AldrichCPR@sial.com to coordinate.

How do I contact you with additional questions?
For any questions please contact us at:


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