Production Materials

Going from research to production? We’ll help you get there quickly and confidently by offering a complete range of innovative chemicals from bench to bulk. Enjoy expert technical support for your commercialization needs with enhanced quality, compliance, documentation and delivery.

Comprehensive portfolio of products and support

  • Broad inventory of key starting materials for R&D.
  • Extensive range of chemical and biochemical synthesis capability.
  • Consultative product selection advice.
  • Extensive web-based resources and same day delivery.

Enabling the smooth transition from R&D to commercialization

  • Fit-for-use reagents.
  • Customization needs.
    Make to order
    Pack to order
    Test to order
  • Lot to lot consistency, in-house quality testing providing comprehensive traceability and safety documentation.

Support the supply and use of raw materials in manufacturing

  • Risk mitigation and assessment.
  • Support global supply chain.
  • Enhanced quality program including change control notification.
  • Contract manufacturing and OEM capabilities.
  • Proven technology transfer and project management to keep your needs on track.
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