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ISOTEC® Stable Isotopes produces stable isotope products, ranging from gases to complex molecules. Products include amino acids, carbohydrates, bioactive compounds, and salts — all with isotopic labeling. These products are useful for tracer studies in proteomics and metabolomics, agents for MRI / MRS, and in a wide range of other applications.


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Stable Isotope studies allow researchers to understand nitrogen fixation in the atmosphere, in plants and other organisms, and in industrial processes.


Metabolomics / Proteomics
Stable Isotope labeled compounds enable specific qualitative and quantitative study of metabolomes and proteomes.


Biomolecular NMR
Incorporation of stable isotopes in proteins allows for NMR structural and functional studies.


Metabolic and Nutrition Research
Tracer studies with stable isotope labeled nutrients and bioactive compounds reveals mechanisms in healthy and disease states.
PET and Medical Imaging
Whether for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) or Hyperpolarization studies, stable isotopes are powerful tools for imaging metabolic changes.
NMR Reference Standards & NMR Solvents
Optimize NMR performance with conveniently-packaged reference standards and NMR solvents.


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