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Redi-Dri™ – The world of free-flowing hygroscopic products

The Redi-Dri™ packaging system eliminates the common issue of clumping that is noted with many hygroscopic salts and buffers and provides free-flowing, ready-to- use material at all times. Don’t waste valuable time and resources using reagents that readily absorb environmental moisture and harden prior to use. Try Redi-Dri™ today!

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Research Expertise
• Increase lab efficiency and maximize safety
• Reduced cost and labor, minimize waste
• No Anti-caking agents added


Bulk Scale-up Capabilities
• Eliminate the need for tools of force
• Larger pack sizes more suitable for scale-up processes
  (up to 25KG sizes available)
• Free-flowing products make material handling easier

The Redi-Dri™ Advantage