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Sam found herself in 1510 where Leonardo da Vinci was creating studies of human anatomy. He had been given permission in the Hospital of Santa Maria Nouva, to aid doctor Marcantonio della Torre, in creating drawing of muscles, tendons, and other anatomical features of the body.

All his life he had been producing, amazing paintings, like the last supper. Now though he was creating sketches which would be viewed by scientists for many years after. These detailed drawings showed how the bodies muscular and tendons worked together to create movement. As well as dissecting the bones system they in cased, in images

Sam was very impressed by his capability. Can you help with the quiz, and have a chance of winning a Notebook?*

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Offer available from 9th July to 5th August 2019.

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*Offer has a limited time frame, prize quantities are limited and will be drawn after the offer closes.