Chemical Manufacturing R&D

We are your single source partner for all your essential chemical R&D, QC and manufacturing products and services. Our extensive portfolio, tailored to your specific industry workflow, delivers reliable reproducibility and consistent performance, allowing you to be more productive in your daily activities.

 Chemical Synthesis Workflow

Our featured workflow focuses on a full range of reliable products and services for your chemical R&D and QC laboratories. Click on the product categories under each stage of the workflow to see our complete portfolio.

Specialty Products for Industrial R&D and Production

Providing you with safe, sustainable and high-performance products and services to support your research and development work.


Analytical Solutions for Petrochemical Applications
Lab consumables and testing solutions for the fuel and energy industries.

Redi-Dri Free-flowing Anhydrous
Salts & Reagents

Redi-Dri saves time, prevents waste and improves safety by providing a free-
flowing, ready-to-use material every time.

Supply Chain & Purchasing

Sourcing products from multiple suppliers can be difficult and time consuming. We understand the challenge you face in order to improve supplier performance and risk management and have the tools and business solutions in place to help you optimize and streamline your purchasing process.

Business Solutions Brochure
From customized e-commerce platforms to chemical sourcing services, Sigma-Aldrich has the expertise and ability to enhance the way you do business
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