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Chemical Manufacturing

We strive to provide reliable, efficient, convenient, safe and sustainable solutions for industrial chemical manufacturing that help you solve the toughest challenges you face

Supporting R&D
Supporting R&D efforts in chemical synthesis with our broad portfolio, technical expertise and innovation.
Tailored solutions for manufacturing
Providing manufacturing with tailored solutions based on reliable quality, enhanced QC and documentation and supported by a reliable global supply chain.
Efficiency & Productivity
Making QC & Analytical Testing more efficient and productive using our portfolio of solutions for reliable and proven analytical products.
Green chemistry
Developing greener products & solutions helping customers minimize environmental impacts..
Compliant EHS solutions
Offering effective and compliant EHS solutions for environmental and employee monitoring.

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 Chemical Synthesis Workflow

We combine our long-standing excellence in small to medium scale chemical processing with our extensive expertise in building blocks and reagents for chemical synthesis, raw materials for production, analytical and QC testing, as well as environmental and industrial hygiene support for your workflow.

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