Supply Chain and Custom Capabilities for Manufacturing Customers

Our global supply chain and custom capabilities are designed to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. We strive for the highest quality service levels to our customers throughout the product pipeline, beginning with R&D, during pilot and scale up, and finally supporting your manufacturing process, whether you are manufacturing specialty chemicals, medical devices, consumer goods, or products for agriculture.


Manufacturing Packaging Quality & Regulatory Scheduling & Planning Procurement Distribution

 Chemical Manufacturing Solutions

Our global manufacturing capabilities enable us to develop, deliver, and support an extensive portfolio of specialty chemical raw materials and components, as well as offer a range of custom solutions and services.

Contract Manufacturing and OEM Services

Benefit from our unparalleled customization expertise:
  • Extensive range of specialty chemicals capabilities
  • Broad inventory of key starting materials
  • Proven technology transfer
  • Successful project management

Custom Solutions and Mixtures

Request physical treatment of existing products:
  • Solving (solutions)
  • Mixing (read-to-use mixtures/convenience blends)

Custom Specifications

Take advantage of our extended specification service:
  • Adding further specification parameters
  • Tightening existing specification parameters



Chemistry Expertise
  • Multi-step syntheses
  • Cryogenic and high temperature reactions
  • High purity organics, organometallics and air sensitives
  • Hazardous & reactive chemistry
  • Purification science: chromatography; distillation; crystallization
  • Dedicated project management



Development Expertise
  • Process design flexibility with rapid scale up abilities
  • Process development scientists and chemists
  • Design of Experiment (DOE)
  • On site hazard evaluation in support of internal manufacturing
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
  • Reaction Calorimeter (RC-1)
  • Accelerating Rate Calorimeter (ARC)
Manufacturing Expertise
  • Lab scale glassware synthesis and distillation
  • Variety of process vessels ranging from 200 L to 16,000 L, from -110 ⁰C to 260 ⁰C
  • High-pressure reactions vessels
  • Continuous flow & micro-reactor technology
  • 24/7 work schedule for all large scale manufacturing sites
  • Packaging customization


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 Custom Packaging Solutions

MilliporeSigma’s packaging capabilities encompass a wide variety of sizes, configurations, materials, and value added solutions – all packaged safely and securely and labeled to meet an increasingly complex regulatory environment.


Packaging Formats
  • Vials
  • Multiwell plates
  • Ampules
  • Bottles
  • Boxes
  • Drums
  • Bags
  • Cans
  • Cylinders
  • Returnable containers
Key Packaging Capabilities
  • Air sensitive materials
  • Sterile filtration
  • High purity materials
  • Suspension
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Blending
  • DNAse & RNAse free
Our Service
  • Pack to order custom amounts (mg to tons)
  • Automated solid filling
  • Automated Ampule filling
  • Humidity controlled filling rooms
  • Glove box filling stations
  • Automated liquid filling
  • OEM filling and labeling
  • Barcoding

 Quality & Regulatory in Chemical Manufacturing

We are well-recognized for quality products and regulatory expertise. Our manufacturing sites operate under Quality Assurance Programs that document processes and ensure proper procedures. Ever-changing regulatory requirements are communicated throughout to make certain the necessary level of quality and the appropriate documentation are in place.

Align Quality to Criticality for Risk Mitigation

Because of the increasing complexity of the processes, regulatory requirements and local standards, it is crucial to understand, assess and manage risks while ensuring business continuity. The M-Clarity™ Program defines product quality levels and improves product and service transparency throughout our broad Life Science portfolio.  This allows customers to mitigate risk by understanding the Quality levels assigned and choosing the product that best meets their needs. 

Attributes of Quality and Change notification are available, depending on the MQ Level of the product.  Visit the M-Clarity site, for more information.  

Change Notification Commitment (CNC)

Change control notification support is transparent and available, based on the MQ-Level of the product. The process of enrolling is quick and easy:
   • Information needed: catalog number, description and contact information
   • The CNC turn-around is from a few days to a few weeks, according to the number of products involved

What are the advantages of enrolling into a CNC?

• Customers can guarantee the proper internal contacts are notified
• Process allows customers to receive only the required Change Notifications. Customers can opt-out from unwanted notifications

How do I ask for Change Notification Commitments and Quality Agreements?

For your critical products, identify the quality level listed on the product detail page on For Quality level 200 and above CNC's are available. Please contact our customer service with your CCN request.

Custom Quality Requirements

Quality Control (QC) is the cornerstone of consistency and reliability in chemical manufacturing. From meeting the most stringent quality control standards to providing highly personalized services, we utilize the latest procedures, technologies and equipment.

Analytical Capabilities Include:

  • In-house quality control testing across the globe.
  • Statistical QC and process control for critical raw materials.
  • Together with Operations, more than 1,700 quality and regulatory
    professionals ensure compliance and high quality of our Life Science
    products and services worldwide.
  • Comprehensive analytical technology range, including EDXRF,
    MALDI-TOF, Multinuclear NMR capability, ICP-MS, LC-MS
    and GC-MS/MS.

Quality Management and Compliance

   • Certified manufacturing facilities ranging from ISO:9001 to cGMP
   • Ability to support customer development activities:
     - Preparation of regulatory filings (CMC sections)
     - Vendor audits
     - Control documentation and testing

Overview of our ISO certified Life Science sites and download our ISO certificates

For more detailed information, visit Quality & Regulatory Management

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 Scheduling & Planning

Timing is everything.  Planning and scheduling are critical for anticipating customer needs, building appropriate inventory levels, and successfully facilitating a global distribution network. We have the appropriate systems and resources to meet the needs of our diverse global customer base.

Strategic Involvement

The ideal combination of Strategic Partnership and Supply Assurance can be best achieved through ongoing communication and collaboration with MilliporeSigma


Scheduling & Planning

 Streamline Procurement for Your Manufacturing Needs

From sourcing buffers and solvents to locating highly regulated starting materials, our global supply chain reaches over 60,000 vendors. We ensure sourced materials are ready for every project, whether supporting your manufacturing or for us to manufacture to your specifications.


Finding suppliers that offer consistent, high quality materials and working with them to obtain the best total cost value.

Procure to Pay

Managing the procurement process and leveraging our planning resources to ensure we have the optimum inventory levels to support our customers.

Supplier Management

Supplier relationships are critical. We strive to manage our suppliers to bring more value to the relationship, thereby creating more value for our customers.

 World-Class Distribution

Distribution is fundamental to ensure that MilliporeSigma meets the service needs of its customers. The core commitment of the company is to deliver its products quickly, safely, accurately and compliantly.

  • Global warehousing and distribution
  • Hazardous materials transportation
  • Customs and transportation expertise
  • Knowledge of international compliance regulations