Laboratory equipment, glassware, and plasticware are essential for the success of any laboratory. Combining our Millipore® and Premier Partners catalogues, we’ve put together every lab’s essential products to thrive and succeed. Additionally, our mPower™ line of product brings enhanced function and connection to your laboratory.

  • Millipore® provides a wide range of syringe filters, membranes, glassware and associated hardware for your filtration needs.
  • Brand® GmbH (BrandTech in North America) specializes in providing labs convenient, reliable bottletop dispensers, pipettes and other tools to help researchers get their work done efficiently.
  • Eppendorf® manufactures instruments and consumables for liquid, sample, and cell handling in laboratories. Its product ranges include pipettes, dispensers, centrifuges and mixers.
  • DURAN®, WHEATON® and KIMBLE® are leading manufacturers of precision glassware, laboratory consumables and specialty products for life sciences.
  • Whatman® provides a wide range of filters, paper filters, membranes and syringes for specialized applications.

In addition to these Partner brands, we offer many additional options for laboratory equipment, storage and accessories.


Everything you need for lab success


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