Plates & Membrane-based Cultureware


MultiScreen® Filter Plates

No matter what application you’re working with, MilliporeSigma has a plate to meet your specific needs. MultiScreen plates have a long history as a reliable tool for advancing drug discovery and life science research.

MultiScreen® plates are available in a broad selection of stock configurations. Plates with 96- and 384-well capacity are manufactured using a diverse range of housing materials to ensure compatibility with varied media formulations. Plate membranes are produced for either low or high protein binding and feature exceptional signal-to-noise ratios for applications such as coincidence counting.



Millicell® Membrane-based Plates & Inserts

Millicell® cell culture insert plates are designed to support cell growth and differentiation of epithelial and endothelial cell lines, including CaCo-2. Optically-suitable organotypic inserts are designed for convenient access and provide sustained viability.

The Millicell® device is available with a 0.4 µm PCF membrane, along with a variety of PET membrane pore sizes. Millicell® plates are designed for maximum user convenience, including features such as an apical assist for easier pipetting, as well as basolateral access. To reduce the risk of monolayer contamination, Millicell® membrane plates have feet which elevate the plate above the work surface when disassembled from the feeder tray. Additionally, teardrop-shaped receiver wells work to eliminate air bubbles as plates are assembled.



Corning® Transwell Cell Culture Plate Inserts and Accessories

Researchers who need relevant cell culture for modeling biological systems rely on Transwell permeable supports and other popular Corning® plate-based tools. Applications include 3D cell proliferation, cell preservation and storage, cell visualization, scale-up cell culture, stem cell techniques, and tissue engineering.