A Globally Respected Distributor of Corning Products

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We are pleased to be designated by Corning as its Globally Respected Distributor, providing you with all the Corning products you need via a more convenient matched numbering system.

We hope to be your single supply source for chemicals, reagents, media, life science plastic consumables, and all types of laboratory glass, specialty, and standard.

Corning Life Science Products

We have been providing Corning Life Science products to the scientific community for over 20 years.  Corning is well known for brands such as


PYREX Costar®
ClearPro® DNA-Bind®
Carbo-BIND® Netwells®
ProCulture® Stripette®
Thermowell® Transtar®
UltraGAPS® Universal-BIND®
Snapwell®  Tgold®

Corning offers highly valued plastic products, and multiwell plates for cell culture and drug discovery nicely complement our extensive selection of reagents and chemicals for these same applications.