Bioactive Small Molecules

Cellular pathway exploration begins with bioactive small molecules. We have combined the Sigma® Life Science and Calbiochem® portfolios to offer an unmatched selection of biologically annotated, ready-to-screen chemical probes with full quality testing. With over 4,000 potent, selective probes to modulate target activity for almost any pathway and all major target classes, you can be sure that you’ll have the tools you need on your voyage to discovery.



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SGC Chemical Probes
We have partnered with the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) to provide novel chemical probes. Click here to learn more.

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Over 100 peer-reviewed entries in the Handbook of Receptor Classification and Signal Transduction covering topics such as GPCRs, Ion Channels, and more as well as links to hundreds of related small molecules.
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We add new products daily. Each compound offers high purity and bioactivity to ensure great performance. Click here to browse areas of interest and view relevant NEW small molecules.