Innovative Products and Tools for Neuroscience Research

Driven by a desire to improve human health for all, we are building a network of discovery – creating connections, scientists-to-scientists and sharing insights, ideas and expertise with the goal of advancing neuroscience research. Whether you are developing innovative predictive models, detecting novel protein interactions, or discovering unique biomarkers, working together we can solve the toughest challenges in neuroscience.

Featured Topics in Neuroscience:

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Developing predictive cellular models that can mimic the physiology of the brain, neurological disorders and diseases is essential for advancing neuroscience discoveries. With a comprehensive portfolio of primary, immortalized, and neural stem cells, specialty medias, and genomic engineering tools like CRISPR or RNAi’s, our products enable the creation of neural models specific for your research. Looking for fully characterized models? We have developed novel models of our own including; our hCMEC/D3 cell line a representative human blood-brain barrier (BBB) model and our ReNcell VM cells, a human neural progenitor cell line recently utilized in a predictive 3D model for studying Alzheimer’s disease.

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Translating your research and basic understanding of neuroscience into clinical practice is essential for driving new discoveries. Equipped with an arsenal of reliable, cutting-edge tools you can generate reproducible functional data which is essential for interpreting results, refining methodologies, and ultimately leading to new discoveries in neuroscience research. We offer a large portfolio of chemicals, biomolecules, and supporting technologies to enable modulation, detection, and visualization of neurological pathways including; pharmacologically active agonists, antagonists, modulators and other bioactive small molecules, high-quality antibodies (PDF) that have been fully validated in neuro-specific tissues and cell lines, and our first-in-class, Duolink® Proximity Ligation Assay (PLA) technology providing unsurpassed amplification for protein detection.

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Biomarkers are essential neurological indicators of normal and neurological disease states and provide effective monitoring of responses to therapeutic treatments. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of fully validated solutions enabling biomarker discovery and analysis that is tailored specifically for your neuroscience research. Our wide range of immunoassays and instrumentation provide you with the ability to select the appropriate tools you need to effectively discover, detect, and monitor neurological biomarkers, including industry standard ELISAs and RIAs, ultrasensitive analyte detection using Single Molecule Counting (SMC) technology, high-throughput analysis using our GyroMark™ kits, our MILLIPLEX platform providing innovative, simultaneous analysis of multiple analytes from a single sample and custom assay development designed meet your specific neuroscience biomarker discovery needs. 

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