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We offer an extensive portfolio of highly active proteins and peptides, suitable for a wide range of applications to meet all of your research needs. We have thousands of products ranging from neuropeptides and hormones, to receptors, cytokines and growth factors, and kinases. Find these products and more listed in our online catalog.

Trust us to supply proteins and peptides with the high purity, activity, and specificity that your research demands. Our recombinant and natural proteins are tested in bioassays, as well as standard QC procedures, to ensure that you receive proteins that are highly biologically active. Biological activity is always measured within an appropriate biological system, and our specifications and analysis are available to you at the click of a button. View product specific datasheets, specification ranges, and C of A's on the web from individual product detail pages. Our high-purity proteins ensure that your research is not adversely affected by contaminants, which is critical when working in a biological system. Lot-to-lot consistency and reliable performance make us the source for proteins and peptides you can count on.

Bulk quantities of our proteins and peptides are available to meet your research or assay development needs. Please contact us for special bulk pricing.


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