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Our PRECISIO Kinases ensure the quality and lot-to-lot consistency that your research demands. Our large portfolio of active kinases exhibit high purity and specific activity, and each PRECISIO Kinase is tested using [32P] radioactive assay for quality activity results. Detailed product datasheets containing optimized assay protocols, and our Bioguarantee program allow you to use PRECISIO Kinases with confidence.

We offer a broad assortment of both fragments and full-length protein kinases suitable for kinase assays, western blotting, high throughput screening and kinase profiling. PRECISIO Kinases are complemented by our vast collection of inhibitors and activators, antibodies, substrates, and assay kits.

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Over 350 Active Kinases in Stock

  • Cost effective 10 µg and BULK quantities
  • Complimentary inhibitors, activators, substrates and antibodies

Use with Confidence

  • Optimized assay protocols provided
  • High purity and specific activity
  • Lot-to-lot consistency
  • Suitable for high throughput screening and kinase profiling
  • Backed by the Bioguarantee*

Representative Quality Data

Specific Activity of CHK1 Active Image
Figure 1: Specific Activity of CHK1 Active (Product No. C0870) 187 nmole/min/mg (pmole/min/µg)


SDS-PAGE Gel of CHK1 Active Image
Figure 2: SDS-PAGE Gel of CHK1 Active (Product No. C0870) >95% by densitometry

*Bioguarantee program details: If the protein does not exhibit expected activity in your assay, you can receive a full credit or replacement product by providing experimental results. Email kinases@sial.com with questions.

PRECISIO Kinases are a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Biotechnology, L.P. and SIgma-Aldrich Co.

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