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The Sigma-Aldrich Buffer Calculator is a useful tool for calculating buffer solutions, including concentration calculations by Molarity or by Percentage, with relevant links to Sigma-Aldrich products.

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Quick Start Guide:

1. Begin by selecting the buffer you wish to design. Scroll through the list of available names and click your choice. Underneath, a list of products for that buffer will appear in the "Buffer List". Then, click the product of your choice.

When a product is selected, at any time click the View Product Detail Page button to view information about that product. The product detail page will load onto the main page, and the calculator will remain open in its own separate window.

Scroll field of buffers, including list of availalble products
List of buffers and products

2. Notice that the Molecular Weight of the particular buffer is automatically provided at the top if a product is selected. Otherwise, it may be entered here if already known. Next, enter at least two pieces of information into either Weight (g), Volume (ml), and/or Concentration. Please note that Concentration may be entered in either Molar (M) or as a Percent (%).

Then, click the remaining button next to the empty field in order to perform the calculation and display the remaining value. For this example, we have entered weight and concentration, and will click on 'Calculate Volume' to finish. At any time the "reset" button may be pressed to clear all input fields.

4 input fields; Molecular Weight, Weight, Volume, and Concentration
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