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  • What type of questions will the be answered?
    We will be able to answers questions relevant to RNAi. Due to the scope of the research area, some questions may not be answered. You will be notified if we are unable to answer your question.

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    Fill out the simple form below, and your question will be forwarded to sent to our group.

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    Based on the amount of inquiries received, answers to your questions will be updated on a bi-weekly schedule.

  • What if I don't see my answer?
    We will try to address all relevant questions. However, due to possible overlap of material in questions or time-constraints, not all questions may be addressed as entered. Questions may be edited for clarity, so please check the question / answer archive for related questions.

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    Your answers will be posted in our question / answer archive. We will implement the question and relevant answer, categorized by topic.

  • Will the questions and answers be available on-line for reference?
    Yes, we will keep an archive of the questions / answers for our customers to reference. They will be categorized by topic.