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MISSION® shRNA Target Search & Order

Our MISSION® shRNA Search and Order Tool is your gateway to multi-format RNA interference products designed to support your study of functional genomics through transient or stable gene knockdown (gene silencing). You can search for shRNA constructs that target human and mouse genes via NCBI RefSeq numbers, gene symbols, TRC clone numbers or by general terms such as apoptosis, phosphatase, or kinase.

MISSION® shRNA constructs are offered in three formats; frozen bacterial glycerol stocks, purified plasmid DNA (pLKO.1 vectors), or integrated into lentiviral transduction particles. Short hairpin RNA gene sets contain at least 3 individual constructs that were designed by The RNAi Consortium (TRC) Broad Institute algorithm to target the chosen gene.

MISSION® shRNA Target Search & Order
(RefSeq No., or Clone ID or TRC No.)
Gene Description or Symbol


RefSeq No.: NM 002227
Clone ID: NM_002227.x-898s1c1
TRC No.: TRCN0000003102
Gene Description: Janus kinase
Symbol: JAK1 or JAK*

Gene Search Tools - Check NCBI, HGNC, and MGI for the latest RefSeq numbers associated with your target gene.

Manufacturing and shipping timelines
Each individual shRNA clone is produced on demand in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The following times are required to produce each format after the order appears in our LIMS manufacturing database:

SHCLNG – Bacterial Stock   48 hours
SHCLND – Purified DNA   3 weeks
SHCLNV – Lentiviral Transduction Particles   4 weeks

Orders ship Monday through Thursday. Glycerol format orders received after 10 am CDT/CST on Wednesday may not ship until the following Monday. Some orders may require additional time to process. Please allow up to 2 weeks additional shipping time for international orders.

Are you interested in purchasing an entire gene library or a custom gene family set? Please check with your local sales representative or email us at: MISSIONRNAi@sial.com for more information.

Validated Symbol  Validated! The validated symbol indicates the target set has been validated by our internal R&D or one of our collaborating partners. Information on cell type and % loss of function may be obtained by contacting Technical Service at MISSIONRNAi@sial.com

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Please Note: The content listed on the web is subject to change. If you have previously received clones not currently listed, they are still considered to be excellent for use and covered by our guarantee. If you cannot locate such a clone on our website, but would like to review information such as hairpin sequence, please contact us at MISSIONRNAi@sial.com.

Contact Us
For questions about the library, pricing and quotes or other concerns, please e-mail us at: MISSIONRNAi@sial.com.

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