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Name Description
Ask an RNAi Expert Fill out a simple form for answers to questions relevant to RNAi. An archive of questions/answers is available on-line for reference.
Antibiotic Selector The largest selection of research antibiotics commercially available; includes antibiotic and anti-neoplastic biochemicals.
Antibody Explorer Comprehensive source for antibodies; includes search, browse, technical resources and product spotlights.
Buffer Calculator Calculates buffer solutions, including concentration calculations by Molarity or by Percentage, and includes relevant links to our products.
Carcinogen Selector The Carcinogen Selector gives researchers the ability to select carcinogens by the mouse organs in which they promote cancer.
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols Product lists for commonly used protocols from Cold Spring Harbor Protocols.
DNA Calculator After entering your Oligo information, click 'Calculate' to run.
Enzyme Explorer Search by name, application, specificity or EC number. Also features detailed sites on metabolic pathways, protein kinases, protease specificity and inhibition, and glycoprotein analysis as well as new cell signaling, analytical and diagnostic enzymes and reagents.
Media Expert® Comprehensive source of information on cell culture media components and provides information on formulation strategies.
Metabolic Pathways Chart 22nd edition of the IUBMB-Nicholson Metabolic Pathways Chart contains updated pathways involved in ATP metabolism in the mitochondria and chloroplast.
MISSION™ shRNA Search Locate shRNA clones for your specific gene of interest or for multiple target sets. View a detailed listing of experimental controls or current gene family sets.
PCR MasterMix Calculator Amount of components needed to create your Polymerase Chain Reaction MasterMix.
Plant Tissue Culture Protocols Media preparation & formulation, sterilization techniques, storage.
RBI eHandbook Online version of our RBI Handbook of Receptor Classification and Signal Transduction. Includes peer-reviewed entries.