Customer Education

Rapid Point of Care Test Development Workshop

A Hands-On Multi-Day Experience
In partnership with Kinematic Automation

Date: September 15-17, 2020

Location: Renaissance Seattle Hotel
515 Madison Street
Seattle, Washington


Join us, Kinematic Automation, Axxin, and AnteoTech in Seattle, Washington for our 3-day technical workshop. This course will take you through the development and manufacture of a complete lateral flow test, incorporating antibody conjugation chemistry, raw material processing, research and development considerations, machinery, and FDA regulations. Attendees will become familiar with all these aspects further through hands-on practical sessions. Learn about future technologies and market trends from industry leaders and take advantage of great networking opportunities.

 Topics To Be Covered

  • Design Considerations for Lateral Flow Test Strips
  • Reagent Chemistries and Labels of Choice for Lateral Flow Tests
  • Lateral Flow Cassette Development Process, Manufacturing and Costs
  • Increasing Sensitivity in Lateral Flow Assays
  • Design for Automation
  • Lab Exercise: Antibody Particle Conjugation Chemistry
  • Lab Exercise: Construction and Testing of Functional Lateral Flow Tests
  • Lab Exercise: Lateral Flow Reader Detection of Europium Labeled Lateral Flow Tests
  • Selecting Pad Materials
  • Adhesives and Converting for Lateral Flow Test Devices
  • Use of Dyed and Fluorescent Estapor Microspheres
  • Blocking Agents and Stabilizers for Rapid POC Tests
  • Antibody Selection for POC Testing
  • Troubleshooting Lateral Flow Tests
  • Understanding the Path to FDA Clearance

 Who Should Attend?

  • Diagnostic Test Manufacturers
  • IVD Test Developers
  • Diagnostic Test End Users

 Registration Fees and Payment

The cost for the 3-day technical seminar is $795 USD. The fee will be invoiced upon registration.

For more information, contact:
Darla Falk
Customer Education and Training 
Phone: 314-236-8702

If you require an official invitation, please contact:
Matthew Coussens, Ph.D.
Product Training Manager
Customer Education and Training

Hotel reservations:
More information on how to reserve a room at The Renaissance Seattle Hotel at the group rate will be sent with your registration confirmation email.


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Rapid Point of Care Test Development Workshop – A Hands-on Experience

Renaissance Hotel, Seattle, WA
September 15-17, 2020

Day 1, Tuesday, September 15
Start Presentation Title Presenter
8:30 AM Registration and Check-in Matt Coussens, Ph.D., Darla Falk, MilliporeSigma
9:00 AM Rapid Point of Care Market Overview Shawn Gaskell, MilliporeSigma
9:30 AM Nanoparticles in Rapid Point of Care Tests Richard Sullivan, MilliporeSigma
10:00 AM Design Considerations for Test Strips Michael Mansfield, Ph.D., MilliporeSigma
10:45 AM Break  
11:00 AM Reagent Chemistries and Labels of Choice for Rapid POC Tests Michael Mansfield, Ph.D., MilliporeSigma
12:00 PM Lunch  
1:00 PM Multiplexing, Nucleic Acid Lateral Flow Assays Nathan Butlin, Ph.D., CLP, Axxin Pty Ltd
1:30 PM Estapor Bead Conjugation Workflow Charlie Huang, AnteoTech
2:00 PM Break  
2:30 PM Lab Exercise I: Estapor Bead Conjugation Charlie Huang, AnteoTech
6:30 PM Evening Activity  


Day 2, Wednesday, September 16
Start Presentation Title Presenter
9:00 AM Introduction to Antibodies and Their Use in Lateral Flow Assays Mike Moehlenbrock, Ph.D., MilliporeSigma
10:00 AM Interfering antibody blockers Terri Borree, MilliporeSigma
10:45 AM Break  
11:15 AM Use of Dyed and Fluorescent Estapor Microspheres Hugues Augier De Cremiers, Ph.D., MilliporeSigma
12:00 PM Lunch  
1:00 PM Feasible approaches to Common Sample collection, Transport Requirements Luke Helm, Symbient Product Development
1:30 PM Selecting Porous Materials Michael Mansfield, Ph.D., MilliporeSigma
2:30 PM Break  
3:00 PM Lab Exercise II: Construction of Functional Rapid Point of Care Tests Michael Mansfield, Ph.D., MilliporeSigma


Day 3, Thursday, September 17
Start Presentation Title Facilitator
9:00 AM Diagnostics for Neglected Tropical Diseases Roger Peck, PATH
9:30 AM Mind the Gap - From Lab Bench to Manufacturing Michael Deck and Miranda Conary, Web Industries
10:00 AM Adhesives and Converting for Rapid Point of Care Devices Bill Pedersen and Brian Hall, Lohmann
10:30 AM Contract Manufacturing TBD, Operon
11:00 AM Break  
11:30 AM Design for Automation Dave Carlberg, Kinematic Automation
12:00 PM Lunch  
1:00 PM Navigating FDA Regulations John Zeis, Toolbox Innovations
1:30 PM Lab Exercise III: Testing of Functional Rapid Point of Care Tests Michael Mansfield, Ph.D., MilliporeSigma
3:00 PM Troubleshooting Rapid Point of Care Tests Michael Mansfield, Ph.D., MilliporeSigma
4:00 PM Workshop Closing Remarks and Certificates Matt Coussens, Ph.D., MilliporeSigma