Easy to Use High-Throughput Kits for Cholesterol and Fatty Acid Extractions

Our Fatty Acid Extraction Kits and Cholesterol Extraction Kit offer a patent-pending, chemically-modified filter that enables the isolation of compounds such as lipids (including fatty acids) and sterols (including cholesterol). Our kit method is simpler, faster, more accurate and less costly than conventional techniques currently used by laboratories to extract lipids and sterols. It also uses a significantly lower volume of chemical solvents, allowing laboratories to cut down on waste management costs while being environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Watch the video demos below to see how the technology works.

 Fatty Acid Extraction Kits Demo Video


 Cholesterol Extraction Kit Demo Video


No centrifugation or pipetting required

  • Extract compounds in two steps: Pour & Push

Solvents and internal standards come pre-mixed

  • Streamline the extraction process by eliminating the need to prepare solvents and standards
  • Minimize the volume of chemical solvents used, thus reducing your waste management costs

Less than 30 seconds per sample

  • Reduce your labor costs and save your valuable  time


  • Cut cost and time without sacrificing yield – the graph illustrated below demonstrates that our kits allow for high-throughput extraction comparable to using a time-consuming conventional method

Rat brain and powdered egg cholesterol concentrations (mg/g). Lipids were extracted with the Folch or MAK175 Kit method,
saponified, derivatized, and quantified with GC-FID.

The extracted compounds can be directly analyzed by GC, GC/MS, HPLC, or LC/MS/MS.