Molecular Biology

Your research has unique requirements, conditions, and hurdles. It demands dependable products backed by complete documentation. Whether your goal is to clone and express your favorite gene, sequence cDNA, or study epigenetic changes in a disease of interest, we have a range of solutions, from comprehensive to off-the-shelf, to accelerate your molecular biology research. With a supplier offering a comprehensive portfolio of dependable products for short- or long-term scope, you’ll always make the right choice.

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Key Applications for Molecular Biology Research

Molecular Cloning and Expression

Our versatile portfolio makes genetic engineering cheaper and more efficient:

• Vectors
• Enzymes
• Competent Cells
• Transfection Reagents
• Microbial Media


DNA & RNA Sample Preparation

Ensure your DNA or RNA is isolated, purified, and ready for amplification.

• Plasmid DNA Purification
• Genomics DNA Purification
• RNA Purification
• PCR Clean-up
• High-throughput Purification



Amplify your DNA or RNA with a broad range of reagents and kits.

Custom Primers and Probes
Reagent Additives



Molecular Biology Resources

Explore our list of technical articles for education on PCR, DNA purification, cloning and whole genome amplification.