Specialty Enzymes


PCR Specialty Enzymes: Polymerases for DNA Repair & Improved Amplification

We offer specialty DNA polymerases optimized to increase amplification efficiency of targeted bacterial sequences and to repair and restore damaged or degraded DNA. Our most up-to-date products are MTP Taq DNA Polymerase and Restorase DNA Polymerase.

Sigma's innovative specialty enzymes can be used to amplify bacterial DNA or repair damaged DNA. The MTP™ Taq DNA Polymerase is ideal for researchers detecting and identifying bacterial DNA, looking for a more accurate method in mutation scanning techniques, or wanting to prevent the amplification of undesired DNA sequences. This product is purified through a proprietary process to minimize the levels of contaminating DNA, which in turn, accurately amplifies targeted conserved sequences such as the 16S rRNA region. Our MTP Taq undergoes strict quality control testing to ensure the absence of detectable levels of contaminating DNA.

The Restorase™ DNA Polymerase contains a DNA repair enzyme that facilitates repair and amplification of damaged DNA. Many times, DNA templates are compromised when damaged by exposure to acid, alkylating agents, heat or light. These damages block the progression of DNA polymerase, thereby affecting PCR efficiency. Restorase functions by modifying the damaged sites allowing subsequent template copying. The Restorase DNA Polymerase is ideal for researchers who are unable to achieve amplification of damaged DNA templates when using other thermostable DNA polymerases. This enables researchers to work with damaged templates that would otherwise be abandoned.

MTP™ Taq DNA Polymerase (D7442)
Restorase™ DNA Polymerase (R1028)