Life Science

Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Biology is the combination of engineering principles and molecular biology techniques to produce novel biological solutions. We offer building blocks for synthetic biology projects, including oligonucleotides and CRISPR genome editing reagents, as well as custom engineered cell lines and metabolic assays for researchers requiring a more advanced solution. The exciting new field of Synthetic Biology promises to expand our capabilities and understanding of food, chemical, and biofuel production, drug and vaccine development, and the progression of complex disease.

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Circuit Design & Metabolic Pathway Engineering
Products for use in production of biofuels, proteins, enzymes, and bio-based chemicals.
Molecular Cloning Tools
SnapFast™ Expression Vectors
   with free editing on Genome Compiler's

Microbial Transformation & Culture
Quorum Sensing Modulators
Nucleic Acid Purification
Cell Culture and Transfection
Custom DNA Oligos
Gene Editing with CRISPR
Gene Editing with Zinc Finger Nuclease

Metabolic Quanitification Kits
Agriculture & Industrial Manufacturing
Research tools used in plant engineering.
Plant Tissue Culture
Plant miRNA, mRNA & total RNA, and
  genomic DNA
• Plant Proteomics
• Plant Immunochemistry
• Plant Biotechnology
Algae Culture Medium
Custom Plant Culture Medium
Microbial Culture Medium

Gene Editing Technologies
High specificity genome editing (knockout/knock-in) in cell culture and transgenic animal generation.
Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN)

Custom DNA Oligonucleotides
Our custom oligonucleotide portfolio will meet your needs with a wide selection of:
• Scales
• Purifications
• Modifications
• Formatting options
Molecular Biology Tools
Products for use in engineering projects using microbes:
• Metabolic pathway engineering
• Circuit design
Yeast chassis

Custom Engineered Cell Lines
(Cell Design Studio)

Genetically modified cell lines, cell culture media and reagents for use in:
• Basic research
• Cell based assays
• Drug discovery
• Target validation

Agriculture & Industrial

Enzymes for Biofuel Research
Biofuels Manufacturing and Testing
• Bio-based chemicals & reagents
• Bio-sensing & Environmental
• Microbial biochemical synthesis
Natural Flavors & Fragrances
MISSION TRC3 Human LentiORF Collection
Skip PCR, cloning, and DNA verification steps:
• Expression ready lentiviral system
• Quickly move from gene expression to
  protein analysis
• Fully sequenced human ORF
  expression library (whole genome)