Materials Science


Our Materials Science portfolio includes the most advanced, quality-tested products for materials synthesis  as well as other materials science applications, such as energy, biomedical, electronics and nanoelectronics. Our high-purity metal salts, deposition precursors, metals, alloys, oxides, unique monomers, polymers, initiators, and further polymerization tools ensure you synthesize high-quality materials with reproducible results. We offer ready-to-use nanomaterials, including functionalized nanoparticles, quantum dots, carbon nanomaterials, biodegradable, natural and block copolymers, and PEGs for different biomedical applications. Our portfolio also comprises conducting polymers for organic thin film electronics and microelectronics, as well as fit-for-purpose kits for drug delivery and 3D bioprinting which include step-by-step protocols.

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