Monoclonal Antibodies
Process Development and Application Expertise

Today, mAb therapeutics are manufactured using a templated approach which requires robust, scalable solutions for all steps in the process from cell line development to final fill. Advancements in mAb manufacturing require increased cell culture titer and density, and high therapeutic concentration at formulation. And the way mAbs are developed and produced is even further shifting, with the rise of Next Generation Bioprocessing.

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ADCs and Biosimilars:

  • Antibody-Drug Conjugates
    Discover comprehensive ADC solutions.
  • Biosimilars
    Learn more on our holistic process integration to deliver a scalable, robust process that meets today’s rigorous regulatory requirement.

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Applications & Tools:

  • Biopharma Application Guide
    Browse the Biopharmaceutical Application Guide to help you find the right {hCompany} solutions for your process needs, including pharma raw materials, equipment and systems, manufacturing single-use solutions, filters, sampling solutions, and services.
  • mAb Sizer
    A tool that allows an estimate of the quantity of {hCompany} products required to Express, Purify and Formulate a mAb effectively.
  • Virus Safety Risk Calculator
    An algorithm to quantify the risk of virus contamination from animal-component free raw materials.
  • Sterile Filtration Selection Guide
    Interactive configuration tool to find the recommended filter and its associated documentation for each unit operation in your process.