Biotechnology Partnership Programs – Lab Supplies & Services

Developing a new therapeutic or diagnostic that can have a positive impact on human health is an inspiring endeavor for the life scientist. As a biotech startup, you may already know that we provide a vast selection of premier reagents, supplies, and instruments to enable your lab as you progress across the drug discovery and development workflow. Beyond the bench, the combined capabilities of Millipore and Sigma-Aldrich can also guide you in navigating regulatory pathways and supply chains, identifying funding and CROs, and educating your staff about the latest research, methods, and efficient business tools.  Whether you are starting a new company, cultivating an established organization, or an incubator looking to expand your consortium, read on to discover all the ways we can accelerate your path to launching your next pioneering drug therapy.


Biotech Startup Essentials

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Incubation Centre Partnership
Our trusted products and business support are the scaffold on which your biotechnology cluster can build.
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Process Solutions – Scale-up and Manufacturing
Emerging biotechnology and biopharmaceutical ventures need a scale-up strategy. Find it here


Business Solutions
We enable your science through transparent ordering and tracking, rapid, reliable delivery, on-site stock management, and an unparalleled eCommerce website. Learn more


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