Automated Product Replenishment System

eScan is a barcode scanner enabled system that facilitates automated inventory management and order replenishment processes for materials/products at customer’s on-site stocking location(s). The Bluetooth Scanner paired with an Android™ tablet (both provided by us) captures not only product number and quantity, but also location of transaction (management of multiple locations supported) and customer specific data such as cost center or department code (management of multiple cost centers supported).



Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs

  • Automatic replenishment - reduces order processing costs and time to process
  • Reduces waste and optimizes receiving and stocking with consolidated delivery
  • Access to usage reports: adjust inventory = reduce inventory carrying cost

Flexible System Tailored to Meet your Unique Requirements

  • Orders replenished per frequency specified to meet your needs
  • Bar Code access allows you to create bar codes on demand, as inventory needs change
  • Format supports individual lab stocking and/or centralized location stocking

Easy Setup & Support

  • Equipment provided by us – plus training!
  • Uses WiFi network or cell phone connection

eScan Frequently Asked Questions


How Does It Work?

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