USDA Interstate Transport Permit Process for Vitroids™ and Lenticule® Discs

When is a USDA Transport Permit needed?

Vitroids™ and Lenticule® Discs

Customers in the United States, who are located outside of Missouri (where the products are distributed), should apply for and obtain a USDA Transport Permit to receive Vitroids™ and Lenticule® Disc CRMs.

How long is a transport permit valid?

USDA Transport Permits are typically issued for a period of 1 year. These permits can be renewed through the USDA.

Steps for completing the transport permit application

Step 1: Get access to ePermits

We recommend the USDA’s ePermits system for the most rapid and easy-to-use process. To access this system, you will be required to have a USDA Level 2 eAuthentication Account. To apply for an eAuthentication account please follow the create an USDA account instructions.

Step 2: Log in to your ePermits account

Login to ePermits (Level 2 access required) and apply for permit VS 16-3

Step 3: Complete your permit application

Helpful tips to register for an USDA account

USDA Transport Permit for Vitroids™
and Lenticule® Discs
  1. Click “Create/Renew/Amend Application”
  2. Select “Veterinary Services”
  3. Select “VS Form 16-3 Application Permit To: Import or Transport Controlled
    Material or Organisms and Vectors”
  4. Select “No” under Select Agent Confirmation
  5. Select if you will be submitting a new, renewed or amended application.
16-3 Application Permit

Type of 16-3

  • Select: Organisms or Vectors (bacteria; viruses; fungi, etc.)

Mode of Transportation

Mode of Transportation

  • Mode of transportation: Select “Any”
  • US Ports of Entry: Select “Not Applicable” (this is a domestic shipment)



  • Complete information for your organization. This information should match the shipping information on your order with us.


Shipper Information

  • Select “Specify the Name and Address of one or more domestic producers/shippers.
  • Shipper Information:

                     Sigma Aldrich Co., LLC
                     2454 South Second Street
                     Saint Louis, Missouri 63104


1. Describe the Material to be Imported:

  • Select “Reagents (miscellaneous)”
  • In Description, type: “Livestock and poultry pathogens & reagents”
  • Is the material a cell culture or cell culture product? No
  • Country of Origin: e.g. Switzerland
  • Species: Bacterial
  • Click “Add”

2. Quantity, Frequency of Importation and Expected Completion Date:

  • Type “N/A Transport Permit” (Non-mandatory field)

3. Proposed use of Material and Derivatives:

  • Enter your proposed use. For most users this would be “For laboratory research/QC use only.”
  • Provide a brief description of your facilities and biosafety procedure

4. Treatment of Material Prior to Importation into US:

  • Type “These materials have been previously imported into the United States under Permit Number C-135520. Material has been subcultured at least four times since initial isolation.”

5. Method of Final Disposition of Imported Material and Derivates:

  • Please describe your biohazard waste disposal process

VS16-7 Form Main

VS16-7 Form Main

Simply click “Done with VS 16-7 Forms.” These are not required


  • Attach any relevant documents for USDA approval. Examples could include, but are not limited to: accreditation documents, SOPs, or previous purchase orders.
  • Select “Done with Attachments”

Certify and Pay

Certify and Pay

  • Complete the check-out process and check back in epermits for updates on your permit status.

This information is for informational and guidance purposes only. Please contact USDA APHIS with any questions regarding permits and transport of Organisms and Vectors.


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