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Cleaning of Lab Equipment

Extran® Protects Your Work, Your Personnel, and the Environment.

For over 30 years, Extran® cleaning agents have enabled proper scientific working procedures in laboratories and production facilities all over the world. Thanks to their thorough, residue-free cleaning, Extran® products ensure that everything that comes into contact with chemicals or biological substances is free of impurities – both before and after use.

Put your trust in many years of Extran® experience from us and use our broad portfolio of detergents for manual cleaning (MA) or machine cleaning in laboratory washing machines (AP).


  • Reliable results
      by long-term detergent experience, constant product quality and composition, outstanding solubility and flowability
  • Environmental protection
    by bio-degradable active ingredients
  • Reliable residue-free cleaning with validation support
    to prove the absence of nonionic surfactants by means of a photometric test
  • Health protection
    Extran® is free of scent, dyestuff, oxidants, chlorine, enzymes and NTA and replaces toxic cleaning agents
  • Save time and money
    with highly concentrated Extran® detergents and technical application support
  • High flexibility and safety
    by a broad range of different pack sizes – from 1 l to 25 l, from 2 kg to 25 kg
    – and specially developed withdrawal products and adapters

NEW - Extran® 5L canisters for lab dishwashers

Top label with contents,
hazards and pictogram

Safety on top

  • Product and safety information always visible on top label even when the canister is placed inside the drawer
  • Color coding with designation of chemical properties acc. to pH
  • Blank space for quick documentation of GLP handling dates

Our new 5L Extran® canisters fits in most dishwashers, with standard thread for direct connection.

   Download 5L canister flyer


  • Avoid contact with harmful acidic or alkaline cleaners
  • Fits in most dishwashers, with standard thread for direct connection
  • No need to clean dishwasher canisters or refill from smaller bottles
  • Easy to use thanks to light weight and large handle
  • Avoid costly repairs from sediment buildup in refilled canisters
  • Save resources through direct connection using concentrates
  •  Extran® cleaners only contain non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients


If you have trouble finding the products you're looking for, please contact our customer support for assistance.