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Rapid, Flexible and Reliable Analysis for Water, Food and Beverage Industries - Take your Lab to the Sample

Reflectoquant® System - Mobile RQflex® 20 Instrument & Test Strips
• Complete system with
  reflectometer, test strips and
  kits for precise on-site quantitative
  analysis of critical parameters

• The RQflex® 20 reflectometer is
  mobile and easy to use
• Reflectometric measurement for
  an extensive range of parameters
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  Reflectoquant® system



MQuant® Test Strips - Screen on the Go
MQuant® Test strips – Ultimate
  simplicity and reliability combined
  with speed
• Quick, semi-quantitative tests
  to be used anywhere
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  MQuant® Test Strips

MQuant® StripScan App

• Analysis tool for your smartphone
  —no more color guessing!

• Reliable digital test strip readout,
  data storage and visualization
• Advanced data analysis with
  StripScan Web
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  MQuant® StripScan



MQuant® Colorimetric Tests

• Visual tests—easy, fast and
  direct readout with color
  cards and color disks

• Select the sensitivity you need
  from the diverse portfolio of
  readout solutions
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  MQuant® Colorimetric Tests



MQuant® pH Indicator Test Strips
Optimal solution for your needs
  with a broad range of pH tests
• Non-bleeding strips prevent
  contamination of the medium
• Transparent strips for clear
  results also in turbid liquids
All pH tests at a glance   

Mobile Photometry-Spectroquant® Move Colorimeters
• Spectroquant® Move— the small,
  waterproof and dust-tight
  handheld colorimeter
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  Spectroquant® Move

• Rapid, flexible and accurate
  analyses with Spectroquant®
  photometry instruments and
  test kits
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  Spectroquant® photometric
  instrument & test kits

Application Notes
• Fields of application for mobile
  analyses: water or wastewater
  testing, disinfection control,
  food & beverages, quality control
  and in process monitoring
With over 300 application
  notes for photometry and
, find the ideal
  method to support your production
  process and analyses.

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